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Secret Intelligence Agents/Operatives Training Programs

Think of a skill, any skill and the chances are Secret Intelligence Services could be using it. From diplomats, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, plumbers, painters, window-washers, maids, cleaners, administrative assistants, electronic technicians, ceo's and presidents of corporations, waiters, secretaries, labours, taxi, truck and limousine drivers, drug dealers and users, gang members, prostitutes, sales personnel, police, security guards, parking lot attendants, and many, many others. There is a huge diversity of roles and people at work across the Service.

About two thirds of Secret Intelligence Services staff is in what we call associates and generalist roles. The roles vary according to the post and include; investigative, analytic, operational, sleeper and covert work, assessment, policy and management. Staff and associates in generalist roles move around and are retrained every 2-3 years, to take on new challenges and gain experience across a number of areas.

There is also a wide range of associates and generalist positions that call for specialist skills and these include; languages, technology, surveillance, IT, communications, protective security advice, building services, catering, access, and much more… You may speak another language as your mother tongue and might not think of this as a specialist skill. Secret Intelligence Services does, and it doesn’t matter if you have not worked with languages before. If you can understand the spoken word in another language, or have a skill or accesses that may be beneficial to the service, chances are they would like to hear from you.

For many roles, Secret Intelligence Services are not looking for any particular background. The Service recruits people based on the skills, abilities, competencies and personal qualities that are needed. You will need to provide evidence of them, rather than any specific qualifications or experience.

There are, however, some common personal qualities that they look for. An important part of their organizational culture is teamwork and loyalty. Staff and associates at all levels and across all areas make important contributions to protecting the country. The Service also expects you to meet the highest standards of personal integrity and honesty.

That is why you will find people in Secret Intelligence Services from all backgrounds and walks of life.

They welcome all applications, but they are particularly interested to hear from dedicated men and women, individuals from ethnic minority groups, business and trades people, people with access, retired people and disabled people.

Working in Secret Intelligence feels different because it is different. The staff, the associates and the generalists are dealing with highly classified, serious subject matter that is crucial to the efforts to keep the nation safe from threats to national security, predominantly terrorism, and many other alarming situations. Despite this, many of the roles are similar to those found in any large organization.


Secret Intelligence & Civil Intelligence Programs Information


Intelligence Agents/Operatives Development


007 Skills Academies (USA), Inc. focuses on providing newcomers and aspirants, the tools, techniques and skills necessary for becoming a successful applicant; and/or being successful in the conduct of International Secret Intelligence, Federal Intelligence and Civil Intelligence Operations.

Since 1975, the Intelligence Professionals at GSIS have been helping to develop and hone capabilities for those who wish to become Intelligence Operatives and those who are charged with the responsibility of obtaining information from the diverse human sources who know of the plans and intentions of adversaries – information largely unavailable to even the most sophisticated technology-based collection systems.

007 Skills Academies offers a combination of stand-alone Courses, Workshops, Programs and Seminars – measured in hours and days – to long-term Programs ranging in length from four to twenty-eight weeks. Our modular approach to class and course development affords students, client and organizations almost immediate access to the right intelligence training package, emphasizing the right skills and tools for the right missions.

Intelligence Seminars and Workshops
Specific Seminars and Workshops for intelligence professionals range from half-day to several days in duration. Typically, they are designed to be "stand-alone" classes focused on a particular skill set, such as Elicitation or Targeting, or on topics as diverse as Intelligence Oversight, Protocols, Methods of Operation, Unsolicited Direct Requests, Collection from Open Sources and Pretenses.

Intelligence Prospects - Student Programs

Programs are comprised of a variety of classes that our Program Development Team and Associates develop together based on an analysis of the factors of the new prospect training needs, time, location and the training budget. We can modify, add, reduce or delete each class to meet the student’s needs and requirements. A basic program in Field Collection, Surveillance Detection, or Interrogation, for example, will share certain core classes. Advanced programs will often cover the same topics and skill sets, but will be taught in greater depth and detail, giving the advanced student more hands-on practical experience, as well as offering training from an operational or managerial perspective.


Mobile Training Teams (MTT)

In addition to classes and courses conducted at the 007 Skills Training Centers, in Vancouver and Toronto-CanadaLisbon-Portugal, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Chicago and Boston-USA, Madrid, Palma de Maiorca-Spain, London-England and Frankfurt-Germany, we also can provide Mobile Training Teams (MTT) for any of our classes and some of our courses. An MTT is an attractive alternative for clients who require high student through-put without large travel investment. Other benefits of a MTT may include unforeseen, tight scheduling requirements, or complementing on-site or field training programs and exercises.




007 Skills Training Centers works' with new intelligence prospects to transform them into a true knowledgeable intelligence applicant. 007 Skills Training Centres offers Workshops and Seminars designed to help new intelligence prospects achieve their dream. They cover theory and leading edge practices from the basic collection to advanced analysis, from running a Public Sector Intelligence Function to a Sophisticated Industry Risk Management Framework. We can prepare and educate everyone for International Secret Intelligence, Federal Intelligence and Civil Intelligence functional areas, from Field Intelligence, Operative, Support Operative to Foreign Intelligence Management Agent.


These Unique and Radical Programs are excellent working tools for Civil Professionals, Lawyers, Judges, Executives, Promoters, Brokers, Investigators, Adjusters, Detectives, Mediators, Police, as well. 

Whether you take one Seminar/Workshop or complete the entire Programs, you will learn how Intelligence skills and knowledge provides opportunities for considerable personal and professional growth, and how to anticipate change and minimize risks. 

International Seminars, Workshops, Programs and Courses Pricing
A considerable number of our Intelligence Field Agents/Operatives and Specific Development Programs, whether Seminars, Workshops, Programs, Courses or Private One-To-One Prices, are available for review by contacting one of our representatives or associate worldwide. Call +1-604-682-3259 Extension 8008 or e-mail us at  programs@007skills.com  


Programs Information and Literature Disclaimer

Information, literature, DVD’s or any other publication regarding these programs is not commercially available. We do not support or endorse individuals, clubs, organizations or encourage sites and/or books and DVD’s purporting to teach our system. Participants will be given authentic information and advice on application and during the induction periods.



However, if you or your organization has a need for one of our customized Seminars, Workshops, Programs or Courses, or to inquire about new program/course development please contact us at pro@007skills.com



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