Physical Defense and Personal Protection is one of the Natural Rights of Mankind, and has a long history. Personal Self Defense and Life Protection in today’s society follows this tradition; that the Right to Defend Life and Limb is an Absolute Right which every Human Being is entitled to enjoy. Roy Maia, July 7, 1984.

What is a Bodyguard

Bodyguard (or Close Protection Officer) is a type of security individual, operative or government agent who protects a person—usually a famous, wealthy, or politically important figure—from assault, kidnapping, assassination, stalking, loss of confidential information, terrorist attack or other threats.

Most important public figures such as heads of state or governors are protected by several bodyguards or by a team of bodyguards from an agency, security forces, or police forces (e.g., in the US, the United States Secret Service or the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service). In countries where the head of state is a military leader or dictator, the leader's bodyguards may also be part of an elite military unit. Less-important public figures, or those with lower risk profiles, may be accompanied by a single bodyguard who doubles as a driver. A number of high-profile celebrities and CEOs also use bodyguards.

 Popular Misconceptions

The role of bodyguards is often misunderstood by the public, because the typical layperson's only exposure to bodyguarding is usually in highly dramatized action film depictions of the profession. In contrast to the exciting lifestyle depicted on the film screen, the role of a real-life bodyguard is much more mundane: it consists mainly of planning routes, pre-searching rooms and buildings where the client will be visiting, researching the background of people that will have contact with the client, searching vehicles, and attentively escorting the client on their day-to-day activities.

 Breakdown of Responsibilities

The role of a bodyguard depends on several factors. First, it depends on the role of a given bodyguard in a close protection team. A bodyguard can be a driver-bodyguard, a close-protection officer (who escorts the client), or part of an ancillary unit that provides support such as IED detection, electronic "bug" detection, counter-sniper monitoring, pre-searches facilities, and background-checks people who will have contact with the client. Second, the role of a bodyguard depends on the level of risk that the client faces. A bodyguard protecting a client at high risk of assassination will be focusing on very different roles (e.g., checking cars for IED devices, bombs, watching for potential shooters, etc.) than a bodyguard escorting a celebrity who is being stalked by aggressive tabloid photographers (e.g., the role will be to ask the photographers to maintain their distance and block the path of aggressive cameramen). Some bodyguards specialize in the close quarter protection of children of VIPs, to protect them from kidnapping or assassination, a role which is nicknamed "mannyguarding" (a pun on the word "nanny").

 Job Requirements

Bodyguards often work long shifts in order to provide 24-hour protection, and shifts often include evenings, weekends, and holidays. Since bodyguards follow their clients throughout their daily activities, the work locations may range from indoor office meetings or social events to outdoor rallies or concerts. Bodyguards often have to travel by car, motorcycle, train, and airplane to escort their client. In some cases, international travel is required, which means that a bodyguard must have appropriate travel documentation.

High Risk Bodyguards often have backgrounds in special armed forces, special police units or federal security services, although this is not required. The exception to this is in the case of bodyguards protecting heads of state; in some countries, these bodyguards must be trained in special military bodyguard training programs. Special Military experience in foot patrol and convoys escort through urban areas in conflict or war as in Afghanistan, Iraq, West Bank, Northern Ireland, Beirut, Basque country, Soweto and other areas under non conventional enemy stress around civilians is highly considered and difficult to match with any training time though, usually those experienced do not always seek these careers or further exposure in less stressful circumstances but familiar environments.

Bodyguards must be physically fit, with good eyesight and hearing, and they need to have a presentable appearance, especially for close protection work for dignitaries and heads of state. In some countries, bodyguards have to have a license or certification, which involves identity and criminal record checks. To be a bodyguard in an agency protecting a head of state, a bodyguard will have to undergo extensive background and loyalty checks.

Bodyguards need to be observant, and retain their focus on their job, despite distractions such as fatigue. As well, they need to be able to work as member of a team, with assigned tasks, or be able to act independently, and adapt and improvise an appropriate response if the need arises. Bodyguards need to be able to recognize potentially dangerous situations and remain calm under pressure. A bodyguard has to have a strong dedication to their protective role. Since bodyguards often have to collaborate or coordinate their protection with other security forces, such as local police other private security guards, bodyguards need good interpersonal and communications skills. Since bodyguards accompany their client throughout their day, the bodyguard will be privy to the private life of the client, which means that a bodyguard has to show discretion and maintain confidentiality.



Close Protection and Bodyguards – Real Facts


As the security risk factor increases, the number of close protection training courses for bodyguard work also increases.

Business owners are sending their security staff on to a close protection driving & bodyguard training courses to reduce their security risk.

While the close protection world is experiencing business growth, business owners can’t get free bodyguard training, so they are buying the cheapest bodyguard training course available.

Although it’s a sad indictment, whenever something really bad happens in the security or close protection world, we always witness a global growth for professional bodyguard work.

The security industry has consistently placed high in the list of global growth industries during the last 25 years and most economics professors agree it will remain in the top 10 list of growth industries for the next 25 years.

If you need the reason why, then consider if the world is a safer place now, than it was 25 years ago.

Most close protection specialists will inform you that protective service operations is one of the fastest growth areas of the security industry. This in part can be attributed to the increased security risk with associated groups (gangs), vice and narcotic groups, religion, politically volatile regions and intermix cultures.

All of these areas require all forms of expertise to be provided from the intelligence services, police, military forces and politicians attempting to keep the peace, and attempting to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.


Affordable Bodyguard Training Courses - VIP Professional Bodyguard Training Programs


Imagine you are going to invest fifteen to thirty five thousand dollars into training for a new career, and you realize it was going to take you up to two years to graduate because you have to hold down a full time job to pay for your training fees and expenses.

Now imagine you are uncertain that this career change into the close protection (bodyguard) industry is the right move. Wouldn’t it make financial and common sense to try a low cost investment to see if this powerful industry is for you? We feel that the VIP Professional Bodyguard Training Programs should be your first choice.

It may surprise people to know that VIP Professional Bodyguard Students in the Canada, USA and UK, often have to graduate from VIP Professional Bodyguard Training Programs that are more extensive than that of Police Officers and Professional Soldiers




"Become Your Own Bodyguard" Training Program
Specifically Designed For Business Owners & Professionals

If ever there was a benchmark for Business Owners and Professionals that need to increase their personal and family security and safety and asset protection, it is the "Become Your Own Bodyguard"© Training Program.
Make no mistake the world is not becoming a safer place. The global increase in VIP protection training for bodyguard work in the close protection world provides a clue that crimes of violence are increasing, as are crimes against a person, family and businesses.
Business Owners and Professionals are attending "Become Your Own Bodyguard"© Training Program to enhance their personal and family safety and protection, and increase their security awareness. "Become Your Own Bodyguard"© Educational & Physical Training Program minimize their personal, family, business and travel risks.
It is wise to dispel the myth of the close protection world, especially that of a Bodyguard being a muscle bound, shaven headed, knuckle dragger, etc. Whenever we refer to a bodyguard training program/course and/or close protection agent training, we are referring to absolute top notch professional security specialists with advanced levels of close protection, skills, abilities, knowledge and security training.
This Workshop is customized to be informative, train and instill skills and ability needs. Whether your concerns revolve around personal and family security, safety and protection, corporate security, anti-kidnapping, anti-terrorism, surviving a hostage situation, traveling or working overseas, or just how to deal with assaults, intimidation, threats, defenses, prevention or crime in general - this Workshop is structured to be well above your Requirements.


How many times have you been scared or concerned about your safety?

Think about this for a minute, because it may be more often than you think. How many times have you stayed up late thinking about a personal confrontation that you couldn't turn off? How many times have you promised yourself to learn real personal protection after a personal or physical confrontation, or after hearing the story of someone else's misfortune, or reinforced your opinion about learning real personal protection skills after watching the news or reading a convincing article in a magazine or newspaper, that, violent assaults with weapons without cause are becoming more common, more aggressive and more violent than ever before?

Make no Mistake -- Physical aggression, weapon attacks and violent assaults without cause are more common than you think...and growing.

For many people, these events and emotional scars run very deep and powerful, and they may never truly be able to forget those times of torment, fear and anguish in their lifetime.

Tip • Be Authentic & Realistic -- Don't try to fake personal protection skills and abilities that you don't have. Your opponent or attacker will probably see through that, and your plan and theory of real violence will crash and burn in seconds. Shocking Surprises…has its own consequences

 Bodyguard Training – Takes YOU on a Journey into the Science of; Combat Skills, Mindset, Fear Control, Life Survival Skills, Human Psychology and Behavior Knowledge, Defensive Tactics, Driving Skills and Expertise required and necessary for Effective and Professional Bodyguarding.


For Programs information, please Email us or call: Central +1-604-553-1074

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 Extreme-Risk and High-Level Bodyguards



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 Extreme Risk and High Level Bodyguards



Extreme Risk Bodyguards training includes; mindset, fear control, specialized firearms tactics, marine, terrain and air combat tactics, illusive procedures, chemical and explosives detection and recognition, poisons and toxic chemistry, marine vessels and aircraft operation and knowledge, tracking, improvising combat skills, armed and unarmed personal combat, tactical driving, life emergency survival skills, urban, rural and marine survival skills, improvised first aid, and including the legal aspects of Extreme Risk Bodyguard (e.g., use of force, use of deadly force). In multi-agent units (like those protecting a head of state) the bodyguards must have training in specific tasks, such as intelligence, providing a protective escort, crowd screening and control, and searching for explosives or electronic surveillance devices ("bugs") and snipers. Extreme Risk Bodyguards also learn how to work with other security personnel to conduct threat or risk assessment and analyze potential security weaknesses.


Program Information and Literature Disclaimer

Information, literature, DVD’s or any other publication regarding the Extreme Risk Bodyguard programs is not commercially available. We do not support or endorse individuals, clubs, organizations or encourage sites and/or books and DVD’s purporting to teach our system. Participants will be given authentic information and advice on application and during the induction periods.



Before You Decide...

We sincerely encourage you to contact us to discuss your interest in attending our Extreme Risk Bodyguard Programs, and to tell us what your intentions and personal concerns are. These programs are in a distinct class by itself and cannot be compared to others.




High Level Bodyguards learn how to examine a premises or venue before their clients arrive, to determine where the exits and entrances are, find potential security weaknesses, and meet the staff (so that a would-be attacker cannot pose as a staff member). As well, High Level Bodyguards learn how to do research to be aware of potential threats to their client, by doing a thorough assessment of the threats facing the principal, such as a protest by a radical group or the release from custody of person who is a known threat.




High Level Bodyguards also learn how to work with each client to determine goals and to establish a personalized portfolio. From this, a management policy statement is generated, which outlines an appropriate blue print of mix and solid strategies, addressing such issues as; the client's fail-safe needs, unpredictable incidents and business deals complexities, professional position and risk control, clandestine intelligence management, travel preparations and itinerary, foreign affairs and risk control, global occurrences discussion and consulting, problem-resolve, representation,  negotiation, family protection and time horizon.


 Individuals interested in these Programs are interviewed and the decision to proceed with this type of instruction and training rests solely with the Eagle Group International.


  • The first 3 Levels of instruction is done in British Columbia, Canada and Washington State, USA or by one of our International Mobile Training Teams (IMTT).
  • To Inquire about Prices, Country, City, Dates and Time, please e-mail us. 


Extreme Risk Bodyguards - The selection of participants and their learning fields are based on one’s ability to learn the subject matter, skills and performance. To the individuals that qualify Eagle Group International will develop their learning abilities, life survival skills, fear control, confidence level, stand alone, positive mindset, protection methods, improvise methods, confrontation skills and techniques, and much, much more...


  • We Reserve the Right to Exclude any Individual From These Programs Without Stating a Reason



VIP Professional Bodyguards


 The need for VIP Professional Bodyguard Services and other forms of VIP Protection is more common than the average person might think.

Celebrities, movie stars, models, musical talent, voice talent, corporate executives and anyone who is or who manages someone who is regularly in the public eye know that once someone crosses over that imaginary line that separates the "average joe" from "someone worth hassling" - things start to happen that change their life a bit.

They know that when they become a high-profile person, or someone who someone else might consider a high-profile person, there is a certain element of risk in their life from overzealous fans, ex-domestic partners, extortionists, intimidators, thieves, and your everyday average common nutcase. While these are the facts of VIP life, they don't want to let these facts control their life.


There is a light at the end of the VIP tunnel, and it comes in the form of the peace of mind that VIP Professional Bodyguards for hire can provide.

Personal security is increasingly becoming more and more important. The world is getting more dangerous and the need for those in the public eye to be protected has never been higher. Not a day goes by when we don't read about a serious personal security issue involving a VIP occurring.


While personal security issues may not have been given a second thought before, these days, there is a definite need for Professional Bodyguards performing VIP security 

Things That Clients Avoid When Hiring A VIP Bodyguard Or VIP Protection Services 

VIP Clients want to work with professional people who prefer to avoid any problems, if at all possible, and who will quash any problems that are unavoidable. They're not hiring someone to beat up their enemies, they're hiring someone who will help them avoid any problems. 


The VIP Bodyguard Programs are composed of three elements: an escort section, a vehicle section, and a security section. These three are mutually dependent on each other in providing an all-points protective detail. Designing and planning risk management and threat assessment models and procedures for principal protection...and many other skills.

There are 3 Levels of VIP Professional  Bodyguards Instructional Programs:  "A", "AA" & "AAA"

 Diplomas & Certification Awarded by: Eagle Group International

    We Reserve the Right to Exclude any Individual from these Programs without stating a reason

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