Louis L'amour once said "Adventure is nothing more than a romantic name for danger. It's great fantasising about it, seeing it on TV and reading about it in the comfort of your arm chair, but it's pure hell when it comes calling and you meet it face to face in a dark and lonely place." 


He's right; some of us have walked out of those dark and lonely places and have buried a lot of combat, rescuers and emergency responder’s friends who didn't make it. And, some of them were the best of the best. Life Survival Mindset and Skills is of primary importance to all human beings, only second to breathing. So don't expect us to agree or even respect you when you say; “I don’t care, I don’t need it, I don’t have the time or nothing dangerous will ever happen to me.” Danger is everywhere. And, if or when it happens to you, don’t forget the stress and anguish you are causing on those that try do rescue, protect, defend or save your life. And, if all fails, don’t forget the pain, sadness, despair and suffering caused on your family and loved ones. We Know…been there, done that. A few simple tools, knowledge, fear and panic control, know how, plans, life survival mindset and skills can Save Your Life.


Realities of street defense, violence, combat and attacks in the streets

Most of the instructors who claim to be able to teach you realistic street defense, military hand to hand combat, commando training, weapons defense/combat, deadly secret defense techniques and what's involved in real violence, commando combat, real weapons attack and violent street fights are like virgins trying to convince you they know everything there is to know about sex because they watch a lot of porn. These guys have no clue what real violence, commando mindset training, real weapons defense/combat, violent street attacks and life on the street is like, much less how people from that hellhole fight.

What is Commando Combat Training

Commando Combat Training involves a group of individually selected military men working together (e.g. military special task forces tactics). So an empty-handed military combat, military weapons combat, special forces combat, military martial art system (etc.) being sold as a "real military special forces combat style" or “real commando style” is a prime example of snake oil salesmanship.

To further define real commando training and combat as a situation where specifically trained people are dedicated to killing the enemy (ASAP) and have the ways and means to do it. It is to the so called "military martial arts, commando combat, special forces combat, weapons defense/combat and real street defense" what a wolverine is to a poodle, namely because of the training, will power, determination, fear & panic control, resolve instinct and life survival mindset of the participants. Real Commando Combat isn't just a kill or be killed situation, odds are good that it will be a kill and be killed situation. Even if you inflict fatal damage to your opponent, there is still a good chance you will take fatal damage yourself. If you don't, it is bloody miracle. At the very least expect major damage to yourself and extended hospital time.

One of the key points about real commando combat between individuals is that it is over quickly. In three moves or less the opponent is down and dying. Anything longer and less effective will make sure you are the one heading towards the halls of your ancestors. This is why so many so-called "special forces combat systems" and “commando Systems” are not. They leave their opponent still up and able to inflict lethal damage back on you.

The nature of real commando combat is such that terror is an integral part of it. The trauma of looking into the eyes of the enemy and seeing unbridled killing intent -- if you survive -- will stay with you for the rest of your life. The ability to operate and function at this level is far beyond your rational mind and intellectual training. This is why so often civil combat shooting, weapons defense/combat, martial arts, hand to hand combat, Jiu-Jitsu, street defense, self defense (etc.) training fails, because the life survival mindset, the desire, the determination, the will, the survival instinct, the fear & panic control, the resolve minset, the training, nor the belief has been ingrained in the deeper, more primitive levels of consciousness.


In the last 20 years or so all of a sudden these 'Israeli, Russian, SAS, Seals, Delta (ETC.) Commando Fighting Systems' hit the martial arts and fighting arts scene. Wowie! Kazowie! This is SOOOOO dangerous that your confidence, combat expertise and ability will grow 100% from just walking in the door. Okay, so that's an over-exaggeration. What isn't is the attitude of: It's got to be good, because the military teaches it to all of their service men and women. (Notice the subtle downgrading happening? It went from commando to service men in nearly the same sentence.)

When I saw what these guys were doing I thought to myself "What the hell? That don't look nothing like or near what is taught in Military Task Force School."

What it looked like was the typical muay Thai/boxing blend with BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) thrown in, more like 'mixed martial arts.' Yet it's advertised as a deadly military commando fighting style. 

"This is Commando Training?" I asked one of their instructors.

"Oh yeah it's what the Israeli commandos use. It's the deadliest." was the answer.

Nooooo. No, it wasn't. In fact, what I was seeing -- significantly -- lacked all those little tweaks, twists and pulls that you learn and recognize as inbuilt in ANY specialized military system designed to inflict serious injury onto your opponent and/or kill. Breaking someone isn't about how hard you hit, it's about setting up the conditions that when you do hit, he breaks. I don't care how hard you do it, the 'snap, crackle, pop' the will, the desire, the determination, the time and place aggression, the resolve instinct and the life survival mindset elements were missing from what was presented as Commando Training.

But, but ... it's what they teach the Israeli Army!!!

Well, the entire military is NOT one giant Special Task Force Unit so there's a flaw in logic right there. They are two totally different things and presented as if they are one in the same.

Military martial arts, grappling and hand to hand combat is it an effective combat fighting and killing system?    NO.

Martial arts, hand to hand and grappling taught to recruits in the military have one purpose and one purpose only. Mental Discipline. The military don't expect them to fight at this range, but they want to instil the willingness to fight at ANY range.

As a part of a collective 'whole' of training and indoctrination that is VERY important.

Another thing, is have you considered that it's SUPPOSED to be non-lethal?  As in, there's a really good reason for it to be as physically ineffective as you suspect it to be? (Which incidentally it is).

CONSIDER THIS; You have a bunch of young and aggressive people that you are training to be 'predators.' Before you deploy them and after they get back from the sandbox WHO are they most likely to unleash their violence on?

The answer is: Each other.

You DON'T want your 'fighters' snapping each other's necks, paralyzing brains, crushing ribs and/or killing each other. So you train them in ineffective hand-to-hand methods and reserve the dangerous stuff to shooting, artillery and air support. Suddenly you have a way to allow young men to SAFELY jockey for social position and status without injury, and, at the same time keeping their fighting edge.

There's a whole lot more too military training than just being physically effective.



Global Secret Intelligence Services, Inc (GSIS),  007 Skills Academies, Inc. and Eagle Group International, Inc.



Besides providing instruction to virtually every level of specialized emergency response units, secret intelligence operatives, specialized military units, multi-national corporations and people in general, the Eagle Group International, Inc and 007 Skills Academies, Inc are United States of America Department of Defense Certified Contractors. That means we have been evaluated, screened and approved to instruct USA Specialized Combat Units, Secret Intelligence Operatives, Sensitive Operations Personnel, Extreme Risk Close Protection Personnel, Diplomats and Dignitaries Problem Resolve, Embassies, Consulates and Government Agencies Worldwide. Plainly put, you don’t get that certification if your training systems and skills are based on fantasy, marketing hype, make-believe, or out of touch with World and Human Realities.



Kind of makes you think twice about how 'dangerous' something is just because it's taught to the military in general, don't you think?



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