"EAGLE CLAW”® (Key-Chain) is a high-precision human energy placement unit that was designed and tested specifically for the USA Secret Service, Secret Intelligence Operatives, Sky Marshals, Diplomats, High-Risk Executives, High-Level & Extreme-Risk Bodyguards, Highly Specialized Military Units, Task Forces and Emergency Response Groups.
Today, the “EAGLE CLAW”® is an essential part of the equipment arsenal of hundreds of Highly Specialized Security Forces, Worldwide. And, as of June 1, 2012, the “EAGLE CLAW”® Becomes Available for Sale to the General Public.
LEGALITY: “EAGLE CLAW”® is LEGAL to carry and make use of, when Serious Personal Injury and/or Loss of Life becomes a possibility during a Physical Confrontation.  
A MUST HAVE, FOR; Joggers, Executives, Lawyers. Doctors. Nurses, Business People, Seniors, Real Estate Agents, Pro-Drivers, Travelers, Campers, Security Personnel, Night Workers and Students...Everyone in Fact...
      Physical Defense and Personal Protection Is one of the “Natural Rights” of Mankind, and has a long history. Personal Self Defense and Life Protection in today’s society follows this tradition; that the Right to Defend Life and Limb is an “Absolute Right” which “every Human Being is entitled to enjoy.” Roy Maia, July 7, 1984.

****  "EAGLE CLAW® STREET DEFENSE & LIFE SURVIVAL MINDSET" (100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back) : INCLUDES: 1 "EAGLE CLAW"® and 1 - 3 Hours Workshop. $149

* We GUARANTEE that after a 3 Hours “Eagle Claw® Street Defense & Life Survival Mindset" Workshop you will be (At Least) 100% more effective in defending yourself from a physical attack than ever before. Or Your Money Back.

KNOWLEDGE and POWER: To make these powerful physical and mindset transitions useful, you have to engage in learning long before you need it—it’s too late when you’re in the middle of a crisis or a dire situation.

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. No Questions Asked.


Note: We strongly recommend that all “EAGLE CLAW”® owners learn the modus operandi for this very POWERFUL SELF DEFENSE Unit. You'll be Amazed.




FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT CONSIDER THESE VERY REAL FACTS; In a REAL WORLD there is always a high possibility that people may find themselves in a very dangerous and/or a life-threatening physical confrontation. In such a situation, it’s never a matter of whose right, or wrong, or why me...only who wins and who survives. The WORLD *is* a Very Dangerous & Unforgiving Place. Physical Attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in most cases, the end result is dreadfulIt is Our Responsibility to Learn How to Minimize the Risks, Acquire Life Defense Knowledge and Life Survival Skills, and...Above ALL...Learn to Stay Alive in Dire Situations. Life Matters & We Must Protect it...Remember that, FEAR, PANIC, LACK OF LIFE SURVIVAL SKILLS AND MINDSET...IS YOUR WORST ENEMY.
Please, Consider Cost and Learning Time vs Real Self Defense Benefits, Fear Control, Survival Mindset and Peace of Mind. A 3 Hours Workshop, is all it takes, and It's GUARANTEED.

Real Martial arts expertise can’t be rushed. Despite what instructors who work for black belt mills and McDojos say, it takes time and dedication for a student to earn his/her black belt, but you might not have the time to wait for learning how to realistically defend yourself if attacked. You aren’t going to live at the school until you’re ready to realistically defend yourself from a physical attack, and attackers, bullies, thieves, rapists, and murders aren’t going to wait around until you know how to realistically fight back and defend yourself. While martial arts training can take time and dedication to learn, the fundamentals of real street defense don’t take very long at all (just a couple hours, along with fear control and survival mindset training) – allowing you to have time to train in whatever martial art style you enjoy.

One of the dirty little secrets of the martial arts industry is that most people who learn martial arts aren’t learning realistic self defense or street defense. How can this be true? After all, most schools list self defense or street defense as one of the many things you will learn. Well, you’re being lied to or at the very least being misled. Most people who take martial arts like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, MMA, Self Defense, etc., are actually just learning a combat sport. Because those styles and others are considered sports, safety precautions have been built in so that nobody gets seriously hurt or killed while they’re competing and training. Now these sports are a lot of fun and are great, if not excellent for fitness, self discipline, self confidence, coordination, balance, weight control, maintaining good health and combat conditioning, but they don’t replace real street defense, fear control and life survival mindset training.

A street fight or street physical attack is a raw primal battle where fighters act more like animals than well trained or refined men and women. When you’re reacting to the stress of a street battle you won’t be thinking straight so you need to use simple and real street defense techniques, fear control and survival mindset to survive. Most martial arts styles are too complex, fancy and limited to use in an actual fight so even trained martial arts instructors and champions will often go back to the basics of street combat rules (if they ever been trained for it) in a real fight to survive.

You shouldn’t stop training in your favourite martial arts style, but you do need to start learning realistic street defense techniques, fear control and survival mindset that will work in the worst conditions. A real fight is all about hurting someone badly enough so they aren’t about to hurt you, and you don’t have time to waste. Your black belt might be some time away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn what you need to survive in a street situation now. Real street defense, fear control and survival mindset training is about making the most out of your actions, and maximizing damage, and it should be simple enough for anyone (regardless of sex, age, weight or strength) to do.

The Eagle Claw® Street Defense & Survival Mindset Workshop offers you the skills and mindset necessary to defend yourself in a physical confrontation in 2 hours…and it’s GUARANTEED.


  • The “EAGLE CLAW”®  Unit is Available For Sale ($49) at Eagle Group International Training Centers, Specialized Stores, Fitness Centers and Martial Arts Clubs in B.C.


 The "EAGLE CLAW® Street Defense & Life Survival Mindset" Workshops are Available in Several Cities In British Columbia, Canada. Please Inquire.

Ž            Unit Purchasers & Workshop Participants MUST be Over 16 Years Old.

Ž            We Reserve the Right to Refuse the Sale of the “EAGLE CLAW”® to Any Person & Exclude Any Individual From These Workshops Without Stating  a Reason.


“EAGLE CLAW® Street Self Defense & Life Survival Mindset" Licensed & Certified Instructor Courses in British ColumbiaOntario and QuebecCanada, is now in progress. Please Inquire.

For more information, please Email us or call: Central 604-553-1074

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