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FAA Documentation Exposed

Date: July 26, 2008
Dear Eagle Protection Group
I am writing to request any access you can facilitate concerning protection for whistle blowing employees.
I am employed at an aircraft manufacturing plant, finishing new corporate aircraft which have been sold in a global market. Myself and four others have exposed deliberate falsification of aircraft documentation required by the FAA.
We are now very concerned about protecting ourselves from management retribution. I would like to research the Federal Law which was enacted to protect the individuals responsible for the exposure.
Many thanks!
Reference# 30007A

Whistle Blowing on the Titusville Florida, Armory Exposed

Date: July 9, 2008
Dear Eagle Protection Group
I am writing in regards of the abuse of Government waste in our city's Armory. My husband works at a boat factory next to the Armory. They are continually throwing away perfectly good items. Many of the men who work at the boat factory are in the construction industry and do not make a large income and could use the perfectly good items that the Armory personnel are being told to mangle and destroy then dispose of. Right now the Armory is moving out of the building so there is so much waste and corruption being done that I have wrote several agencies in hopes of stopping this waste of tax payers money! I have saved several items that were purposely destroyed and will keep for future reference if needed.
Please help us to do something about this.
Reference #23204A

Pls help! A child with autism.... Exposed

Date: May 15, 2008
Dear Eagle Protection Group
As succinst as can be; in 1997-98 i was an aide for achild with autism at Stratham Memorial School, Stratham, NH. I saw red marks on this child face and next day this child explained and totally reenacted the scenario between my supervisor and him. I immediately reported to his teacher. The teacher and I immediately reported it to the school principal. The very ext day i SAW my supervisor push in this childs cheeks. This confirmed what he had told me that she had done the day efore. He also told me that she banged his headd against the wall in a closed stairway. I felt I had done the right thing, telling his teacher andthe teacher and I telling the school princple. I let it go, figuring that it would be taken care of. I continued to work with tis child throughout the year and protecting him as much as possible. I requested to work with im agqain the next yar, 1998-1999. I was able to, thankfully. In late Sept and Oct of this year., my supervisor was beginning toverbally escalate towards this child. I began to report it again to the principal and admin. They finally told me to "start docmenting it". I became so frustrated that I called the parents of this child and began to talk with them aout the treatment of their child at school. The school HAD NOT contacted the parents about ANY of this..no report was done, no call to DCYF, noincident report written. Nothing. The parents imediately plled their child from school, relocated to a different school and is pursing legal ramifications. I in the meantime, am no lonmgerworking in that school, when the stuff hit the fan in Oct. the principal and ad min inclding the superentendent of schools made it very very uncomfortable for me to continue working there. I love this job, I have been in this field for awhile. At this point in time the school board is even telling my co-director (of a national summer camp org. that she and I are running this year AS we DID LAST year) that they feel uncomfortable that I am involved. THIS CAMP IS NOT affiliated with the lschool...the national organization will be using the property of the school...I feel my rights are being violated. I did the right thig anbout what I did. reporting this. However, now it seems, I won't be able to work in the school SAU system again, because of this. They're even unappy with me doing this one week sumercamp aforementioned..I also taught art classes to cildren of elementary age...which the parents and kids loved..at the school, and from what I heard today, that possibility doesn't look great for next year. I am UNEMPLOYED...I've not been working since Oct. and my forte is working with children in the a school system...Pls Pls don't blow me off...I need help..I've tried for a pro bono attorney to no avail...please there are numerous statements written at Stratham, New Hampshire Police Department...and when this came out the supervisor was verbally abusive and pulled me into an office to scream at me more. I am so upset..I'vwe tried and tried. I have been thinking about the child up until this time when I feel my name and reputation and job opportunities are being jeopardized in the community...pls pls help me...I've called state offices in NH anytimes trying to find any kind of help and their is nothing out there..I am a victim and though I heard many many times that's the way it is...that's not right! pls. pls help.I beg of you. Sincerely
Reference# 22058A

Police chief gets paid for false overtime Exposed

Date: August 2, 2007
Dear EPG,
I was a Borough Secretary/Treasurer for over 9 1/2 years and was dismissed for a reason not yet disclosed. I noticed that our Chief of Police turned in 12 hours of overtime when infact he did not work. I spoke to my boss who is Council President and was told to pay him. I argued with my boss and was told to keep my mouth shut. I told him that maybe Borough Council should be advised of this situation along with my question to him that if it happened once, how many other times did it happen that nobody knew about. I verified through the County Communications Center that the Chief infact was not on duty during the day in question. The next day, I typed a memo to my boss requesting that since we could afford to pay more for employee wages, my assistant secretary could use a raise. He rubbed my memo on his genitals and through it at me (in front of a witness). The day after, my boss accused me of cancelling a Planning Commission Meeting when infact I have nothing to do with the Planning Commission. I explained to him that I was off due to a shoulder injury and he made a few snide remarks. I found out who cancelled this meeting and requested an apology. None was forthcoming. After the work day ended, I called my boss a F....asshole and that I was going to tell Council and the residents of the borough what transpired. Council does not know the whole story however, they requested my resignation. I refused, Do I have any legal standing here? What should I do (if anything).
Thank you for your time. I live in, Pennsylvania.

Date: August 3, 2007
Thank you for contacting me. Please be advised that I have stopped Ron Steele numerous times from vairous illegal acts by speaking up. The Chief of Police Frederick M. Emigh was paid 12 hours overtime when in fact he did not work. I don't have a phone number for him. The above mentioned individuals had a private unadvertised meeting last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and decided to terminate me. I know about this secret meeting because the Mayor couldn't keep his mouth shut and told 5 people Friday evening and I was being terminated. The above individuals requested my resignation which I refused to give to them. Tonight is the monthly Borough Council Meeting, at which time, I assume they'll terminate me. Also, be advised that the local newspaper already knows about my termination; however, only Ron Steele knows about the wages he approved for payment on the Chief. No other member of council knows anything about this.
Thanks for any help you might be able to offer me.
Reference# 30117A

Chief Of The Fire Department Notorious For Being Intoxicated Exposed

Date: June 11, 2007
Dear Eagle Protection Group
I am not familair with this whistle blowing but I would like to ask a question. I work at a Fire Department and our chief is notorious for being intoxicated most of the time. There is a bar located in the fire house and there are usually people there most nights. An incident occur where he was at a local bar drinking, and he was seen there and his brother admitted they were drinking, and he came back to the firehouse, picked up his chief's car and when leaving the parking lot was driving recklessly and almost hit 3 cars. This occured while I was on duty and I phoned the police and reported that he was possible drunk and driving. A little while after his brother, who is also my boss called up and appeared to me to also be intoxicated, he asked me what was going on and out of fear of being harass because of my decision I told him that a lady had come in and reported it. Now nothing came of the phone call, the chief was not caught. One would assume that the issue would be dropped but my bosses are making a big thing out of it possible to make me a scapegoat if you will. They have questioned other people and have listen to tapes from during the time of the incident. They are also trying to pull tapes from the police department to listen to what i said. They do not seem to have a valid reason for this and now they have order me to meet with them about it. I am planning to call my Union Rep in the morning but I am not sure how much they will get involved due to the fact that we are just getting started with our Union. What I would like to know is if I have done anything wrong and if I am protected by the Whistle Blowers Act. I would like to thank you in advanced for any help you can give me.
Reference# 29892A

Fired After Telling Supervisor I Would Make A Statement Exposed

Date: July 8, 2007
Dear Eagle Protection Group
A coworker filed an EEOC complaint about the company she and I worked for. It took about 6 or 7 months before the EEOC sent letters out to employees concerning her case. I received a letter and spoke with the H/R department. I told them at that time I wanted to just mind my own business. I received a second letter and I reconsidered writing a statement on the employees behave. I told 2 supervisors that I would write a letter for the former employee, 3 or 4 weeks later I was fired. What can I do?

Date: Tue, 27 July, 2007
Update: as of this date I have submitted complaints to the following agencies. Commission on Human Rights and The U.S. Equal Employment Opporitunity Commission. I have also obtained an Attorney. My Attorney tells me that they are clearly in voilation of my civill rights. Federal Civil Law Title VII. I may have to wait for a letter from the EEOC stating "Right to sue" I will keep you posted of the turn of events.
Reference# 19383A

World Famous Psychic a Fraud? Exposed

If you know anything about this case please e-mail us, using the reference number below.
Reference# 20019A

Date: July 11, 2005
Dear Eagle Protection Group, I have accumulated documentation which can prove one Mr. David M. Guardino, World Famous Psychic has been committing fraud for at least 3 years. He has obtained MILLIONS of dollars from people all over the world, I also have a client list of these people.... If you would like more information please contact me.

Letters that followed ...

July 27 2005
Re: Exposed World Famous Psychic a Fraud
I am requesting information on Reference# 20019A, Dated July 11, 2007 that states: "Dear Eagle Protection Group, I have acumulated documentation which can prove one Mr. David M. Guardino, World Famous Psychic has been committing fraud for at least 3 years. He has obtained Millions of dollars from people all over the world.

I would really appreciate information on the above statement. I took a big risk recently and contacted Mr. Guardino for his services, sending him what little money I had left in my savings account. I usually am not so trusting but he convinced me he was legitimate and could help me. I would like to find out now before I continue this association costing me what little money I have.
Thank you,

Date: Mon, 28 July, 2005 12:49:09
Has any legal action been taken against Mr. Guardino? I may need to add my name to this list of people. -- Best Regards

Date: Fri, 3 August, 2007 12:19:23
I am a client of Mr. Guardino and would like more information on this matter. I am a single mother and made it very clear I could not afford these services but was convinced he was legit. Please can you give me any more information?

Date: Sat, 18 July, 2006 12:42:37
Dear Sir,
Could you please inform me about the options I may consider to have Mr Guardino refund me the fees I paid to him for something he was never able to make happen. I found him in the yellow pages during a trip to the United States last summer. He promised me results in a matter of weeks when I talked to him over the phone. I was suspicious about the effectiveness of his work before but wanted to believe in it. For a month I got connected to the internet and made a search about him and just found your link about him.
Please let me know if you can help me to get my money back and if there are other people I can contact which are in the same position.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Guardino's response to Eagle Protection Group.

We tried to inquire, due to the letters we have received regarding Mr. Guardino.
Now we have received this letter from Mr. Guardino.

Our investigation will continue...


TELEPHONE 865-609-7894
FAX 865-609-0921


Wednesday, August 15, 2006
2:40 p.m. Eastern Time

Myron Mc Clary
Attorney at Law
1617 South Orchard Knob Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404-5106
email myrmcc@mindspring.com

Eagle Protection Group (EAGLEPROTECT-DOM)

Dear Myron,
As we discussed, you ar hereby and herein officially requested an authorized to file suit against the above-styled MAIA ROY, etc., for libel, slander
and so forth. These people need to be pursued vigorously to the fullest extent of the law and punished accordingly. You are just the man to do it.

You have been my friend and counselor for twenty years now, and I am looking forward to working with you on this matter so that I can obtain justice.
David Marius Guardino

cc: Steven E. Marshall, Esquire
Special Agent David Stanczik
Maia Roy

UPDATE on Mr. Guardino

September 7, 2006

Mr. Guardino has decided to closeup shop (for his own benefit) and go "OUT OF BUSINESS" as a World Famous Psychic.

Mr. Guardino died in prison May 11, 2007

State Corruption Exposed

Date: January 29, 2007
Dear EPG,
I don't want to say anything for sure just yet. But we have uncovered a fraud perpitrated by the state on a grand scale! We contacted our goveners office who made it possible to view a copy of an examination that I had taken almost a year ago. The State told me I failed the exam, I KNEW different. Its taken me this long to figure out how to get where I am. I spoke today w/ an executive director (I did not tape the conversation) but was told (after making it clear that I wasn't going away until they proved I'd failed) that even though I found the correct answers in the book (open book test) the powers that be decided that they preferred that I had answered it differently, in a way that they preferred. (even though it was word for word from the book!) Basically this guy goofed and told me that they thought up fake answers to exam questions. Answers that no one would ever have thought of! The results of this test (I know now are probably a fabrication) are sent to the examinee through the mail.
The results of this exam determine my success in the business world. It has for years! I have lost money, respect, and years of my life believing that the State exams are as honest as the day is long! I never fought back! It has also been brought to my attention that the only group of people who don't seem to have any problem passing the exam first time are the union examinee's. I KNOW the proof is there! If the right people help us ......... I've spent a lot of years working very hard for that! But I don't know if that is legal or not, or what the risks are of taking on the State....... I would like some advice on the chances of success. Thank you.
Reference #99277B

Whistle Blowing on the City of Burnet, Burnet Texas Exposed

Date: January 9, 2007
I am an employee at the City of Burnet, Burnet Texas. Within the last ten years or so, myself and others have witnessed widespread corruption within the City of the Burnet Government. Attempts at reporting this have resulted in the termination of one employee, as well as his filing a lawsuit against them. Myself, also a whistle blower about a half a dozen different ways, has also been harassed, and am now on leave due to anxiety and depression resulting from the unnecessary stress I have encountered. They are not afraid to harass, but seem unwilling to terminate me. I think this issue needs much more public exposure, but attempts at alerting local media have had little success. The corrupt, and arrogant nature of the city officials' actions has seriously affected the lives of many employees, as well as the taxpaying citizens of Burnet, Texas. It is too detailed, and complicated to elaborate on at this time, and a more in-depth explanation is available if anyone is willing to listen. I find this grass roots level corruption just as appalling as is corruption on the federal level. Thanks for your attention.
Ref. #21055-A

Date: December 29, 2006
This involves Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VI Education Legislation,

Misuse of Title 1 Funds

Dear Sirs,
First of all we do wish to join your Eagle Protection Group if we may. I am a retired enlisted man who served our country from 1943 to 1968 then worked for the state of Calif. as a Const. Lab Tech. The rest of this story is about my lovely wife. We are looking for an Attorney who would represent us in a very sad and unfair hearing. Please let us know if if you are interested after reading this letter. This tragic affair happened in 1971-1972 we couldn`t do anything until last year, because my wife, a dedicated professional teacher, was under Therapist and Doctor`s care due to the crucification she received at the end of her State Hearing and Superior Court Hearing that was held in Solano County Calif.
All this came about because of a Principal, In the Fairfield Suisun School District. The name of the School involved, was Crecent Elementary, who ordered her, to hold back or retard 16 to 19 of her 30 minority children in the same grade, and some, she was ordered to hold back 2 to 3 years. She was shocked and stunned because some of these children`s test scores even had the Title 1 Reading Specialist`s signatures on them attesting they be advanced to the next grade level, even three years previous.My wife checked the office files of the children`s previous records and found some of the same children were retarted two to three years in a row in the same grade level. After a couple of days she told me she could not do this, her heart and soul forbade her to manipulate and exploit little innocent children. We finally found the reason this School District , and GOD knows how many other Schools were holding these children back, apparently for Title 1 Funds. So my wife questioned the Principal and Superintendent. And thus started the crucification, conspiracy, harassing, degrading and physical attacking my wife and finally getting rid of her! ( She had no Idea that this was a large Scandalous cover up between the State Board of Education, School District, Solano County Council and it appears the Federal Compensatory Education Dept. in Washington D. C. )

All these accusations we make, can be proven by letters and documents. So we are making the following allegations against the above branches of Governments and Departments.
(1) Lying, Harassing, Cover up, Conspiring, Physical Abuse, And Civil Rights Violations.
(2) Forcing other Teachers to do bodily harm to ________________________.
(3) Forcing Substitutes and Title 1 Specialists to belittle my wife to her Students.
(4) I, _________________ personally witnessed Mr. Wyeth, Solano County Council School Attorney, alter the 2 Main Hearing Transcripts. This was after we were told, that we could purchase and pickup our copy. It took us 6 months to procure one. We wanted it to Appeal to the Superior Court and we had to hire a Special Attorney to force them to give us one. The County called us and said, we could pick one up at approx. 11;30am . I was there at 11:00am. That`s when I witnessed this very grave unlawful Corruptive Act of Injustice, of ALTERING THE TWO HEARING TRANSCRIPTS, and we really didn`t know how desperate they were to protect their Great Big Cover up and Scandal! We also thought this was a very Grave Civil Rights Violation! You would not believe how cruel and Vicious they became after that Caper!
(5) The Cruel vicious Hearing Officer Mr. Hollingshead conducted an unfair hearing and ignoring all Important witnesses and Discrminating Exhibits against them, and especialy anything about Title 1 and Holding little minority children back.
(6) The Hearing Officer would not let my wife cross-examine the ones who lied and conspired against her, but denouncing her at her first words.
(7) The Hearing Officer with the help of the County Council School Attorney, Tax paid School Personnel and State Officials diabollically castrating her in an unjust Hearing.
(8) The State Dept. of Educ. Compensatory`s investigator Mr.Schmittenhauser, looking at her proofs performed Perjury, by writing in the Investigating report claiming he saw no proofs of holding little children back, and that every thing was in order.
(9) The School district forbade her on the School grounds even before the Hearing. When she went to Fairfield to submit her Subpoenas she was not on the School grounds but on a public side walk across the street were she was parked, hoping to see another Teacher to deliever her Subpoenas for her because she was forbidden on School grounds. The children were magnetically attracted to my wife. They were trying to climb over a cyclone fence to reach her, but were restrained by Teachers ordered by the Principal of that School. Superintendent Guigni, received word that she was near one of his Schools so he called the Fairfield Police. When the Police arrived they told my wife she was under arrest for disturbing the peace. The Police also said, we`are here to remove you and that the Superintendent is waiting to talk to you on Clark Hamton`s phone in a near by home. Superintendent Guigni said to her, ( you`re not suppose to be doing that; your Attorney forbids that! ) ( her Attorney had backed out the previous day ) But the Police saw that she had Subpoenas in her hand! So they escorted her on the school grounds to submit her Subpoenas. The Police knew they would be libel and were scared to go that far in this diabolical castrating conspiracy to abolish every part of my wife. ( Which is a Civil Rights Violation for all the Humiliation and Indignities imposed upon her! )
(10) The Hearing Officer, Mr. Hollingshead, tried bribing me when I was having coffee. This is what he said to me, ( " ______________! if you have your wife forget her witnesses and just testifies shortly I`ll make it easier on her because you, Mr. _______________! are a State employee too." ) I looked at him but I controlled my temper and I didn`t reply. I then excused my self and walked away. Another Civil Rights Violation!
(11) At another coffee break the hearing officer bellowed to my wife, " I know they are Lying, and you know they are lying, why would you want to work at their Schools, if you won your case? " now this is supposed to be a fair trial conducted by a non biased State Hearing Officer of the State of Calif. And with Wierd and Bizzare questions like this, we are wondering how many other Teachers and State employees in various other occupations were also crucified by these State employed Hearing Officers, and receive the Calif. State Dept. of Educ. and other Department heads BLESSINGS? Of course my wife explained why she must continue, the children were her responsibility and they came before her. But of course it fell on deaf ears as we found out. This is just the tip of the ice berg. We have the Hearing Transcript, all the Briefs, all the notes, and the KEY EXHIBITS the 16 to 19 children`s test scores, records and charts which they refused to enter in the Hearing even though they were Exhibits. We can send you any copies of any proofs.

They broke every Civil rights LAW there is. It took us 27 years to reach OCR in San Francisco. We have written to County Representatives, Senator`s, President and vice president of the U. S., Calif. Dept. Educ., Federal Dept. of Educ., Calif. State bar, The Judicial System involving Judges and god knows. But all we received was APATHY! They all shuffled us back and forth untill a few months ago. We finally met a compassionate Manager from the Calif. Dept. of Educ. Complaint Section. She was the first person to tell us about the Federal office of Civil Rights (OCR) in Washington D. C. Her name is Howie De Lane ( Bless her heart ) She was, and is the first candid government employee we have encountered thus far! Of course OCR of Washington Passed The buck to ( OIG ) Office of Inspector General who after hearing parts of my wifes' Problem passed us to (OCR) in San Francisco, were we are now located. We also sent them letters from the State Attorney General and Federal Attorney Generals Offices`s Telling us we should be writing to the Dept. of Educ. So finally she received the Complaint forms from OCR San Francisco. She filled them out and is waiting for an answer if we can receive an extention or not. But OCR is complaining that we are over the 180 day law and they have to investigate further. and in a few more days they will send us their final decision.

My wife and I are not Attorneys we are in our mid seventies but still can read. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title VI it says very clear: ( " OCR MAY EXTEND THE 180-DAY PERIOD IF GOOD CAUSE IS SHOWN " ) AND BELIEVE US SHE WAS CRUCIFIED, HARASSED AND MENTALLY RAPED! WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN ATTORNEY. We still have all the 16 to 19 childrens records and test scores. We also have the main Transcript and all the Briefs from the Hearing and Superior Court And box`s of diary`s notes etc. FINALLY! MY WIFES' LAST LETTER TO OCR WHICH MAKES SENSE. To Stefan M. Rosenzweig, Region OCR Director Duc. number 09-99-1257 IF you say I`m past 180 days late. The day I, a conscientious Teacher, walked into that 3-walled classroom, those responsible were already eight years late in observing the Civil Rights Law of 1964. When the State`s Hearing Officer, Mr. Hollingshead, approved of breaking the Law of 1964. Mr. Schmittenhauser, also from the State, approved of their 8-year tardiness in observing the Civil Rights Law of 1964. If this School, and any other School in our State is still refusing to obey Title VI Civil Rights Law of 1964, they are all 35 years late in its observance! " THEN OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHICH IS ALLOWING THIS SCANDALOUS VIOLATION OF OUR LAWS OF 1964, IS VIOLATING ITS VERY LAWS THAT IT LEGISLATED IN 1964".
Thank you.

New Information
Date: January 11, 2007
Complaint form my wife Answered and sent back completed to OCR & State Dept. Of Educ.

We sent this Complaint form hand written by my wife, ______, to (OCR) in San Francisco, Calif. We also sent a copy of this same letter to ( Howie De Lane, Manager Categorical Programs complaints Management Unit, State Dept Of Education Sacramento, Calif. Telephone Number (916) 657 3679 The State does no longer respond to us.)

We also know this is a very serious charge we are alledging against this cover up, But honest to God it is very TRUE. And it is also true, that if you do not help us, no one will! We wrote to Dozens of Attorneys, they would decline, to help us, or not respond. I guess we did all we could, to bring this Injustice to the Taxpayers of the United States. Thank you. But after you read this letter, you will read how UNSCRUPULOUS ALL THESE GOVERNMENT BRANCHES CONSPIRED TO UPHOLD THEIR LIES AND COVER UP TRYING TO WEAR US DOWN TO GIVE UP!!
PAGE - 1 United States Dept. of Education Office For Civil Rights. Discrimination Complaint Form
Name of Person Filing This Report: NAME (Ms.) _____ (Last) (First) (Middle) ADDRESS _________PHONE NO. ________
PAGE - 2
4. STUDENT SERVICES _X_ Race/Color Because I informed the principal I could not hold the 16 children back one, two or three years in their academic progress. One was Indian, one was white-a welfare participant, the remaining 14 were African American. EMPLOYMENT _X_ Race/ Color My spirit convictions and my integrity held me responsible for all minority charges as well as for all others assigned under my care.The moment I explained this to my principal, all evaluations and treatment changed.
5. N/A
6. Everyday I am discriminated against Financially, Socially, Professionally, and in every avenue of my life. From May, 1998 - May, 1999 our letters were ignored, delayed, etc. as if we were not citizens and taxpayers. July 10, 1974, the court of appeals was just as the unjust as the initial hearing. I was treated like a serial Murderer. The Calif. State Dept. of Education Mr. Hollingshead, Hearing Officer from Sacramento, Calif. Mr. Schmittenhauser- Investigator Title 1 Compensatory Dept. Sacramento, Calif. Solano County Council in Fairfield, Calif. Attorney for School Case, Mr. Wyeth from County Council, Crecent School, Mrs. Johnson, Principal Fairfield Mr. Giugni, Superintendent Before Governning Board of F. Suisun Unif. Sch. System In the matter of Accusation against ________________, Respondent case No. _______1971-1972 school year ? 55477 ? Proceeding; Mon. June 12, 13, 14, ;72 Wed. 21, 22, 23, :72 For Petition Harry B. Wyeth, Esg. Solano Hall of Justice For Respndent Douglas M. Quinlan, Esg. 10749 San Pablo Ave El Cerrito, Calif. Roger Corbett, 11462 San Pablo Ave El cerrito Calif. 94530 (4150 235 3030 Reply Brief 1 Civil 34598 Superior Court Appeal Healy - Judge
PAGE - 3
7. I did not wait one minute. All my Attorneys mysteriously disappeard and I had no council. They refused me a copy, of the 600 pg. Transcript which they absolutely refused to have printed out. Finally, with an Attorney we did get one for a hefty price to us, after they altered it, which my husband witnessed. I asked my Attorney to go on to Federal Court and to appear or trial by Jury. My Attorney advised me that I was refused. I did not know to demand from my Attorney proofs of this rejection. But I was already suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the Psychic Gang Rape, the mental Gang Rape, and the Emotinal Gang Rape from this vicious conspiracy .
Mr. Hollingshead, the Hearing Officer at my Hearing Roared down my Throat; "SHUT UP! This hearing is not for criticism of the School System! It is for Criticism of you only and your failing as a teacher." Yet they were forced to admit that they were all LIES! He still stripped me of all I was and had. I spent eight years frantically seeking employment in my career of choice of the past thirty-three years, before I was certain that their viciousness had desended even to the level of BLACKBALLING ME. This extended even to every type of employment there existed. I suffered Hell! I substituted two additional years, Tutored for three years. All this time I was seeking Psychological help but I wasn`t earning my wages, I was stripped of this Civil Right to earn wages, to practice my profession of thirty- three years of study, preparation and experience. Now I should be able to receive payment for my excellence in my career. I had taught twenty-four years for charity, teaching my country men respect and trust in our Judicial system (In the Benedictine Convent). Now I am stripped of all of this because I`m professional and cannot destroy the self Image of those I`m entrusted with to advance and not destroy! So I had no wages nor retirement pay even to this day for psychological help. I sought free help at the Navy - Mare Island. The Therapist cried; "You`re the cream of the crop!" She did not see the Hell I was suffering. I went for help to Kaiser five different times. No success! I became Alcoholic and suffered all the miseries of Hell for ten years. By Dec. 94 Kaiser adopted the CDR program, which I attended every day - then four times weekly, ETC. through 1998. Now I have the skills for expressing my true feelings of the RAGE This CORRUPTION And COVER-UP have created in me. Now the wheels of the statute of limitations begin tuning, IN MY OPINION!
8. I sent a letter to Mr. Giugni, Superintendent Wed. Dec. 1, 1971 ; Informed Mrs. Johnson, Principal on Tues. Dec. 7, 1971 that I absolutely could not harm the 16 children. Wed. 8, 1971 she sat in my room for two hours and wrote.
9. This evaluation of Dec. 8, 1971(wed.) was a complete and thorough turn around from previous feed back. I had in 1970 won a Math scholarship and was sharing this info, with beginning teachers volunteering after school hours at her request and approval. She had allowed me to hide homework books under the children`s sweaters so the other teachers wouldn`t know that I was 'breaking that title 1 School rule' of no homework to certain Title 1 students. Now! She roughly unbuttoned my students and sent them back to me to take their planned home work away from them.
10. YES X NO
I notified the Superintendent Mr. Giugni. I Interviewed County Supt. Mr. Galomb. I wrote numerous letters to Wilson Riles, State Superintndent and Assistants, many in number. I made a number of trips to San Francisco Fed. Edc. Dept. JAN WILLIAMS in 1972. Bringing and sending proofs of these 16 children being held back 1, 2, and three years. No Nothing! After the second Title 1 Specialist physically attacked me I called the police for a report. He took it and they told me to go home. He didn`t even look at the evident marks on my neck, arm and shoulder. Here in my Hearing he swore that he asked me if I had any marks and offered to take photos of them! Another of the numerous perjuries.
11. In truth I had to return to Fairfield Suisun Police for a photo when I shockingly observed these proofs. Again, the Police swore he lost these photos and had none for exhibt. His Perjury was accepted, as were all their Perjuries, six on a page in some instances of the 600 and some page Transcript. We asked for a title 1 Investigation at this point, which reeks of perjury. I asked for a hearing, June 12, 13, 14 and 21, 22 and 23 1972 after they removed me from Cresent School and was told to stay home so they could hold back my advancing students!
12. I`m not an Accountant, an Attorney nor a Politician. I`m a professional teacher who was concerned about the low, dirty oppression of the minds and hearts of those entrusted to me. It was only when I asked Mr. Giugni why he didn`t answer my letter of this concern, that I realized a sure connection of retardation and Title 1 Funds. He answered "WHAT LETTER!" "YOU CAN`T TAKE OUR TITLE 1 FUNDS AWAY FROM US!" ( He warned of more I`ll give you if you ask ) I visited every home of these 16 oppressed children and learned why they were chosen to be held back. They had no one to fight for their Civil Rights to learn, to advance academically and to grow in self respect and self esteem. I visited Eight of the teachers whom I respected most and asked: " Do you realize that there is a deliberate violation of our children`s Rights by confusion of grades and levels to hold them back one, two or /and three years? " They all answered : " Yes, and It`s been going on for A VERY LONG TIME, and nobody can do anything about it! " IT`S RED HOT, DON`T TOUCH IT!" " YES, I`M DOING IT TOO, RIGHT NOW! THEY SAID, I`M HOLDING BACK WHOMEVER I`M DIRECTED TO HOLD BACK " " AND I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DOING IT! " When I asked; " How can you do this to citizens whom the taxpayers trust we are helping, not harming? " " I have to eat, my wife, my husband , my children have to eat " " I have studied hard for my career ; this would destroy it." " ______, the children love you and are learning so very much from you. To speak up for them you would be depriving them of yourself in the future because the system will destroy you! " I asked, " What in the world do you do if you are given only a first grade reader for Damon, for instance, when he`s ready and able to learn through a third grade reader; which grade, by the way, he is in! " The answer always was: "Just do the best that you can with the child and that first grade reader!" When I prayed to my GOD within, arose at 3:00 AM looked into my eyes in the mirror- the answer shouted loud and clear: " Not only must you endanger your check for 16 of my dear ones; but you must endanger it for ONE child who is of greater value than all the checks that roll out of Sacramento all together! That was Tuesday, Dec. 7, 1971. So I spoke with my husband about it .
I asked to speak with Mrs. Johnson and told her all I knew. Her reaction, her remarks, threats and warnings, I will confide with you, if you ask for further information. A Mr. Winston called me with warnings and advice which I`ll provide if you ask for it. He had undergone dismissal the previous year. Mr. Giugni, told him he`d set him up to begin all over in Vacaville if he`d be a good boy and shut up about every thing. Mr. Wiston is African American. When I called him while my case was on, his wife asked me painfully to please not call him because it was too unbearable to both of them. I honored her request. This was in June of 1972. Trying to free myself from repressed rage I told parts of my story in a support group of eight women. When " Dorothy " saw that my story was unbelievable to most of them, she spoke up. " All that ___________ said is true! I know because I was an employee of Fairfield Suisun Unified School District," and I suffered likewise. I`ll give you more information if you ask. A member of Benicia called me that she was one of the Title 1 Specialists` mother- in - law and wanted to see me because she was asked to use her power and not allow me to substitute teach here. I will give you this information if you ask for it. Her X- husband also came to see me in my home - I will explain if you need this information.
13. AGENCY OR COURT: Fairfield- Suisun School System Hearing June 12--23 1972 Appeal to Superior Court County of Solano in Fairfield Calif. Presiding Judge the Honorable Thomas N. Healy, Department No. 1 Hall of Justice October 19, 1973 I st Civil 34598 Appellants` Pettition for Rehearing Filed July 24, 1975 Court of Appeal - First app. Dist. Clifford C. porter, clerk Deputy. Final Decision 8- 20- 1975 The 3 judges from San Francisco where, P . J. DRAPER, J. SCOTT & H. C. BROWN Who failed to sign the decision Brief.
14. RESULT OF INVESTIGATING / FINDINGS BY AGENCY: Hearing Officer, Mr. Hollingshead wrote that " it was good what I was doing but I went about it in the wrong way." But he never showed me his "right way ". They had to admit that all my teaching incriminations were LIES but I lost because of the "WELFARE OF THE CHILDREN" and that now, after 12 months of retaliation by them in harassing me that " I HAD A BAD ATTITUDE" so they claimed!
15. Not if you follow through on this. We`d look for a Civil Rights Attorney Who specializes in education. Or Country?
16. YES X NO
Tried to in WASHINGTON OCR UNDER MS. CANTU, who gave us the run around to OIG where I told the whole story on Tape and wrote filing for an investigation then, they passed it on to you -OCR in San Francisco.
17. #1 Approx. $472:00 a head annually, in 1972 Fairfield Elementary School Evaluation E.S. E. A. Title 1 43 pages. Fairfield - Suisun Unified School District. #2 Evaluation E.S.E.A. Title 1 1971- 1972 45 pages. Do you wish these books, let us know.
18. 5- 17- 1999 __________________
19. NAME - Gayla Reiter - We have a tape to record your phone message should we be out when you call. T ELEPHONE NUMBERS: HOME ___ 20. YES X NO
Whatever is fair, for once.
21. I have the booklet " for cause only " 31 pages which demonstrates why Mrs. Johnson had to begin in such a BIZARRE way to HARASS me, RIGHT AWAY, and why they had to Quote " WELFARE OF THE CHILDREN " and "ATTITUDE " and had to be so.
FOLLOWING PAGES ARE SUPPLEMENT TO YOUR QUESTION NUMBER 12. The following pages also lists " RETALIATIONS AND CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS WHICH I CAN GIVE YOU MORE IF YOU WISH ". I kept a diary from Jan. 7, 1971 on through taken during my hearing of what was said and done . About 60 ACTS OF HARASSMENT my husband saw Mr. Wyeth in the act of ALTERING my Transcript and theirs which caused unbelievable torment when I saw important matters left out and ViCIOUS UNTRUTHS ADDED! I was in my menapause years - and they knew that heat affected my hot flashes beyond ability to concentrate. Every day at every break I had to check the Heating - Cooling System because they always had the "heat " turned on instead of the "Cooling System " up as high as 83 degrees. During a lunch break I was returning to the Hearing room for my purse that I had forgotten. From the hall and door I heard loud VULGAR GUFFAWS from the County Council, Mr. Wyeth and the younger male who was with him. One said; " YAH! then lets` watch her kick her heels! "I left, confounded! My tapes of proofs had been erased, important proofs and documents had disappeared completely and some of my personal notes taken during that morning`s hearing were gone! They kept changing the place of the Hearing at the last minute to lose all my friends, supporters, family etc. Mr. Hollingshead tried to BRIBE my husband to make me cut out my witnesses. When he asked me why I wanted to save my job, Mr. Hollingshead, knew, they were lying, and I knew they were lying, I answered, I`m teaching the children, not these School people. I`m being paid by the humble hard-working taxpayer who trusts that his money is helping the children advance ahead-not destroying their self-confidence and self-esteem by academic disaster! The school people are not using their personal money to pay my wages. If I`m in a room with children learning I`m extremely joyous no matter in what town it may happen to be.
From March 4th on, all my teaching material were thrown into garbage bags and moved out of my room. Many Items dear to me were kept and stolen from me. I filed a report but was rejected again. My class room had only 3 walls, open to the audio-visual activities center, when they knew I preferred an enclosed quiet environment for the children`s learning. Harassment of Specialists` loud talking, music, etc. right next to my pupil`s desks prompted me to run tapes in my classroom. Hollingshead refused to hear them. One day all my electric lights flashed on and off, then, after a couple hours appeared the janitors with ladders and loud conversations and yelling all day. During this flashing and then ladder-work, I tried teaching and keeping my charges interested while children ran back and forth yelling in the Audio Visual center. TItle 1 specialists talked loudly all during this time, also! I tried getting the Press to print all this, but not one word has ever been printed! In every town in the County-no dice. Vallejo asked for all my materials, documents, etc. Discouraged, I returned in two months to pick up my materials. As was always the case, "they must have displaced my proofs and documents " I can send 13 instances when this happened repeatedly. This retalliation and harassment continued from 1972 to the present moment in every institution, agency, religion, neighborhood, School etc., including Medical, Dental and psyhological help.
I have 5 cartons of notes, documents, letters, proofs of this and of the case itself, with before and after entanglements. Hoping to find Spiritual answers I earned a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University at Orinda Calif., where every Professor awarded me with an "A" on 9-17-85 No one, however, could dream of a solution when those in power are so bent on destroying a living soul because she tried to help other souls they are bent on destroying. They could, however, help me understand the spiritual gifts of joy, happiness and peace that is awarded to a professional teacher who is loyal to her oath of JUSTICE to her charges.
I was given a written order to stay away from the School and yards, but no Attorney to show that this is a violation of my Civil Rights! To call the Police to take me away from issuing my Subpoenas is another violation of my Civil Rights. To take $1000.00 which I offered Mrs. Massey, ATTORNEY, and use it to do the opposite of what I requested is another violation of my Civil Rights! To keep all my materials so I couldn`t prepare my Hearing, then the day or two before, announce she wasn`t defending me, is another violation of my Civil Rights. ( Rumor has it that they killed her or that she went to Alaska and committed suicide ) Is that because I got the Subpoenas, DENYING ME THAT, ALSO? But the teachers to whom I gave the Subpoenas to appear "DIDN`T", because, as rumor has it, Mr. Wyeth excused them from having to tell the truth. This is another serious violation of my Civil Rights! They simply did not appear (as the Hearing officer wanted my husband not to let any of my witnesses appear.) Another Violation of my Civil Rights. MR. HOLLINGSHEAD THREATENED ME: QUOTE: ( "I HOPE YOU DON`T TRY TO GO OVER MY HEAD ! THEN LATER, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR MONEY? FOR THE HEARING, THE ATTORNEYS OR EVEN TO DREAM OF GOING OVER MY HEAD?")
Until I finished therapy in 1998 I couldn`t bear to even read the Transcript, Briefs, letters, etc. For a period of two years I volunteered at CDRP program-caring for the babies and children of patients arriving for rehabilitation from Drugs and Alcohol. I was awarded a special framed certificate of honor for my many hours of service. Since 1998 my husband sent out numerous letters, I some, and many calls. I consider it a serious abuse and violation of our Civil Rights that no one set out to help direct us from the beginning but gave us the run-around . Only after another year`s efforts did HOWIE DE LANE From the Calif. Dept. Educ. Complaint Dept., help us, in conjunction with Letters from the state and Federal ATTORNEY GENERAL`S OFFICES. Inge Corbett, the wife and secretary of our Superior Court Attorney, Roger Corbett, failed to sign a form with her name typed underneath. Was this another abuse of my Civil Rights? And none of them signed it on the form: In the Court of Appeal of state of Calif. First Appellant, 1 Civil 34598 ( Sup. Ct. No. 55477) July 9, 1975 not readable-a stamp App. Dist. RTER, Clark -deputy Unsigned. The 3 or 4 pages of the three big Judges at San Francisco were boldly stamped: NOT TO BE PUBLISHED IN OFFICIAL REPORTS. WHY? Was this all a game? illegal? WERE MY CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATED AGAIN? From here I asked for Federal court and to be heard by Jury! I was rejected again. The most serious Violation of my Civil Rights is that I was denied COUNCIL the whole way through! Roger Corbett did present my Brief but who read it? Secondly - I had an EXTREMELY UNFAIR HEARING. The officer interrupted me over 500 times. Violation of my Civil Rights- then this abuse flowed on to Superior Court Judge Thomas Healy, and then to the three Judges in San Francisco who, apparantely didn`t even read my Transcript, or the 16 children`s charts, proving abuse of their Civil Rights. They all just followed in line on Hearing officer Hollingshead `s Violation of my Civil Rights. My Civil Rights to appeal to Federal Courts or and my Civil rights to tell all before a jury of the People was refused me Illegally! What did they do to me, this innocent teacher, in the San Francisco deal? Rodger Corbett and these 3 Judges who failed to sign their papers! We have freedom of religion. My spiritual council within directed me to be fair with all GOD`S children! My Civil Rights were violated again. They knew I was a conscientious teacher and could have placed me in a school not Title 1. Before Principal Johnson hired me she said: " You won`t be happy here because you won`t see your success ". I can give you more information.
Discrimmination continues because I can`t hire a good Psychologist, can eat only with my gums, because I have no wages to pay for special dentures, attend beauty parlors, restaurants, other`s homes because I can`t serve them dinner here. When my family met on August 8, 1998, I had to refuse because I don`t have my wages to fly and travel and entertain, to pay for hotel stays and meals. I don`t have wages to pay for yard work, or house work, or renovations or furniture that other teachers are enjoying.
Mrs. johnson warned me I`d suffer from her payback if I said one word about the corruption and cover-up. Mr. giugni said, "I feel sorry for you for what you will suffer the rest of your life." I feel sorry for you, if you, ask for a Hearing, if you ask for the Hearing Transcript, if you get an Attorney, or don`t do what ever we direct him or her to say and do, in other words, if you don`t follow your Attorney -that`s a sin! This was in 1972. Now look at our School System! Look at our test records! Look at our Teachers! Children know our Hearts. Look what they are doing shooting each other down! Children know our hearts . Look what they`re deciding, to leave our planet!-- Killing Themselves. They know that those in power deny all the " stubborn Facts" Those Truths.
Thank you.

New information received
Date: February 2, 2007
Helping to support "_________" description of fairfield Suisun School District.
Dear Directors of (EPG),
I am a single women who was a Counselor at the Fairfield Suisun School District. ___________ problem was in 1972, and mine in 1980. My name is Dorothy, I live in Vallejo, Calif. I am the Dorothy, that she mentioned in the Complaint form that was sent to (OCR) in San Francisco. I do not have a computer so her husband, is Typing and sending it to you.
So here is my story : I was employed as a counselor for 8 years there. Then they fired me, claiming that I didn`t have my tenure which is usually awarded after the first three years. I asked for a hearing and they reacted in their habittual manner of lies, perjury and harassment. My CTA Attorney failed me their attitude was identical to that of "_______'s" case and situations existed or were created, humilating and oppressive to me, just like " ________`s" case. I hired a second attorney and their hard core injustice and perjurous habits won through again. So curious was I that I checked through enough records to verify that in any case of any teacher against the Fairfield Suisun School District, He, or She, was FIRED! In 1979 a very dear women accountant named " Frances ", refused to take monies from a certain "Special" Account and turn it over to a different account whereby they would have free money to play with at their disposal. So they fired Frances for her so called "Incompetency", The School district then fired Frances` husband who was also employed by this Deep rooted corrupt school district and it`s County Council. The officials created vicious gossip, practiced harassment, just like they still do to "________". Since this accountant considered such an act illegal, she took them to court and was featured in all the Fairfield papers. This case, too, was " phonied-up", however. She too, like the rest, was fired! she became completetly stressed-out, the last I heard. This accountant and her husband still live in Suisun Calif.
Thank You, Dorothy
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