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Therapeutic, Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, Tendon, Ligament & Skin Fitness

Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance







Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance
Skeleton, Muscle, Tendon, Nerve, Ligament and Skin Fitness


The benefits of MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS® Fitness are numerous — here are just a few:

  • Increased Lean Muscle, Improves Flexibility and Agility

  • Eliminates Extra Body Fat and Helps Firm Sagging Skin 

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Increases Energy

  • Increase Bone Density — Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

  • Helps the Body Produce More HDL (good cholesterol)

  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease, Heart Attacks and Cerebral Strokes

  • And many other health benefits

However, we find that many people are not familiar with this unique and amazing form of healthy fitness system. 

MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Exercises is one of the few Scientifically Validated fitness training and body rejuvenation protocols. 

German Fitness Scientists at the Max Planck Institute performed research that Proved Conclusively that Special Forces Isometrics Exercises increases strength in muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments, reduces unwanted body fat, improves oxygen intake and blood circulation, and firms sagging skin faster and more effectively than any other fitness training method today.

MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Fitness training is simply a dynamic or static contraction that stimulates your muscle tissue, nerves, tendons, ligaments, skin and blood circulation, and allows you to build a leaner, more muscular, defined and stronger body — in a short time.

Doing freehand MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Fitness is the same as doing weights and strength exercises, yoga and aerobics combined, but, in a much shorter time you'll plateau and increase strength, agility and flexibility, faster and more effectively than any other fitness training method. That is not our opinion — that's a fact!

True - and sustainable - weight loss/maintenance, physical fitness, muscle sculpting, tendon strengthening and skin firming. requires a commitment to a healthy nutritional plan, good supplementation and a MAK7 
MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Fitness will incredibly enhance your; physical looks, posture, endurance, speed, balance, strength, libido, healthy body-weight, muscle sculpting, agility, flexibility, coordination and energy. 

 will eliminate excessive body fat and will maintain appropriate body fat in a safe & healthy way.

When you see how quickly your body begins to respond to MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Exercises ... and when you feel the increased levels of energy and vitality that the exercises yield ... you'll be inspired to continue. And constancy is what's needed for true, long-term success. 

Special Forces Isometrics Fitness Facts:

In a recent issue of The Journal of Applied Research (May 2010) titled “Muscle, Tendon, Ligament and Nerve Use During Military Special Forces Isometrics Co-contraction of Agonist-Antagonist Muscle/Tendon Pairs in the Upper and Lower Body Compared Weight Lifting, Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and other forms of Fitness Programs ” by Dr. Jerrold Petrofsky (et al).

Dr. Petrofsky and his team did was to measure the amount of work that a muscle and tendon pair did during various Military Special Forces Isometrics Exercises and compared it to the amount of work performed by the same muscles and tendons during “traditional” exercises (either lifting weights, aerobics or pilates). They performed these tests on 607 people (196 males, 411 females) aged 22 to 58 and measured the results with an Electromyogram (EMG), a machine that measures the amount of electrical activity in a muscle and tendon indicating how much the muscles and tendons are working. The results were pretty fantastic.
They compared the effectiveness of Military Special Forces Isometrics Exercises on three muscle and tendon pairs in three parts of the body: the bicep/tricep muscle pair in the arms, the abdominal/back extensors in the midsection, and the hamstring/quads in the legs. Traditional weight lifting exercises included the chest press, biceps curl, triceps curl, lat pull down, ab extension, ab flexion, leg extension, leg curl, and leg press. Traditional floor exercises included the abdominal crunch and aerobics.

In all cases, the Military Special Forces Isometrics Exercises produced up to 9 times (and in some cases, up to 26 times) more muscle, nerve, ligament and tendon activity than traditional weight lifting , pilates and aerobic exercises. Quoting directly from the article, the Military Special Forces Isometrics “… exercises caused between 6.1 and 18.9 times the exercise for different muscle and tendon groups than did commercial weight lifting equipment, pilates and aerobics.” They also stated that “… when added to the fact that more muscle and tendon groups exercise with Military Special Forces Isometrics than the commercial equipment, pilates and aerobics, the Military Special Forces Isometrics protocol is a much better form of exercise and fitness. In fact, using Military Special Forces Isometrics Exercises for 15 to 18 minutes would be the equivalent muscle work of 60 to 75 minutes of gym work on commercial weight lifting equipment, pilates and aerobic exercises.”
Pretty significant difference, don’t you think?

Looking Young and Fit with MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Fitness

With this rising need for younger skin and firm body, there are countless of surgical procedures coming up, which they present as a requirement if you want that younger skin and firm body that seems so difficult to get. You should know that with several MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Exercises, your skin can become stronger, firmer and revitalized.

These days, women and men tend to spend thousands of dollars on surgeries and botox just to achieve that younger looking skin and firm body. Scientific researchers in the field of anti-aging suggest Military Special Forces Isometrics Exercises, as a treatment and a revitalization option. This does not necessarily work right away since plastic surgery, liposuction and botox is a medical process. However, muscles and nerves on one's face and body will be continuously pulled by gravity and will drag, regardless, if not exercised correctly and regularly.

In order to look good and young, full of energy and maintain a clear skin and sculpted body, one can consider a cheaper, more practical and healthy way, like Military Special Forces Isometrics, as an alternative to plastic surgery, liposuction or botox. To look good, fit and young, it does not necessarily need to be expensive or medical.

Proper Diet, MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Fitness Exercises (Skeleton, Muscle, Tendon, Ligament, Nerve and Skin Fitness), the Right Dietary Supplements and Healthy Blood Circulation is a must. Such practices can indeed rival results of most plastic surgery, liposuction, botox and other medical procedures.

To realize the benefits and effectiveness of 
MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS Fitness, it is best to take a picture of yourself, and be able to track your progress. You can schedule an interval for taking these pictures, maybe every end of the month, or every three weeks. You will not only notice the difference from your friend’s compliments, but you can also see for yourself, the kind of positive effects you see in your skin, your face, your body, and overall good health. You will be amazed. 


The Ultimate "Sports Speed" Program

While kids, adults and professional athletes are working hard, they may not be seeing progressive results equal to their effort.

During practices, , events and meets they seem to be missing that extra gear you see in kids, adults, professional athletes and teams they just can’t find a way to beat. Because the individual, the athlete or the team isn’t quick enough, fast enough or explosive enough, they may be wondering if their training program is part of the problem.

You may be thinking similar thoughts. Because you want what’s best for you and perform at the highest level possible, and like other good individuals and athletes, you’re searching for practical solutions.

And, if they make sense, you’re willing to consider making some changes to the way you train and play the game.

Here’s the thing:

Nine times out of ten, the individual, the athlete, or the team with the most speed are going to win. While some coaches and trainers get it and focus on developing the skill of speed as a primary element of their training, others haven’t caught on yet. Perhaps they mistakenly bought into the idea that speed can’t be coached – that people are born with ‘it’ or they aren’t.

Arguably the biggest myth in all of sports says you can’t coach speed, teach athletes and individual how to run faster or make serious improvements to multidirectional speed and agility or explosive strength and power.

The successes in sports of an individual, an athlete or a team depend on the interest in improving the most fundamental elements of sports success: EXPLOSIVE SPEED, POWER, TENDON, LIGAMENT and CORE STRENGTH, COORDINATION, BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY and MINDSET.

MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS® teaches all of the above with quick, easy exercises, technique and drills proven to develop coordination, timing, ‘cut on a dime’, cutting edge training, and body awareness in individuals and athletes of all sports, ages and skill levels

How many times will kids, adults and professional athletes do the same old workouts, drills and mindset, and yet still be surprised when they aren’t performing at their best or improving on the track, field, arena, ring, pool or court?

While many coaches and trainers have the best of intentions, they haven’t updated their training methods in order to compete with a new generation of athletes and expectations. It doesn’t make them bad, but it does make it nearly impossible to consistently win , events and races against progressive, 21st Century programs. Because they don’t understand that speed, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance are all skills requiring specific attention during practice (regardless of sport) they have athletes who simply aren’t prepared to compete at high levels.

You may be wondering how we can give kids, adults and professional athletes the tools they need to achieve their goals, but without having to commit every moment of free time to learning ‘speed training’. You’ll be interested to know the solution you’ve been looking for is at your reach … MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS® And you’ll wonder how much faster and explosive you could be if you had stumbled upon these simple speed and power training strategies earlier in your sports career!

No matter what your level of experience or age, you’re more than capable of improving your speed and making significant improvements to your best performances. As you experience the results of your cutting edge training, it starts a chain reaction of improved effort, focus and commitment during each and every practice. Of course, this translates directly to your competitions.

The key is to develop your overall athletic ability by developing all the elements required for success in any sport: speed and agility, strength, coordination, power, flexibility and conditioning.

When you begin to understand that speed and success in sports depends on developing faster, stronger overall athletic abilities, you’ll see why some kids, adults and professional athletes grow and others limp along in mediocrity.

Proven workouts and programs you can instantly bring to practice – the same day your start the program

Quick and easy methods for getting more done in less time so you can focus on the skills specific to your sport.
Easy to understand and apply strategies for speed development.
Specific instruction detailing how, where and when to use each movement without having “to earn a degree in exercise science or biomechanics”

How much longer will you wait to make modernized improvements to the way you train…play the game…and the way you compete? Winning Counts.


About Sports & Fitness Nutrition

 There's nothing like the subject of nutrition to stir debate. It seems like the experts change their minds almost daily about what we should and shouldn't eat. In truth, scientific nutrition hasn't changed much at all in the last fifteen years.
It's the constant and never-ending emergence of fad diets and weight loss programs that adds to the confusion. It appears everyone has differing opinions...

 Fortunately, scientific sports nutrition is a little less contested. There are some very well-researched, well-practiced dietary strategies that have been used by professional athletes for many years. They are applicable to most sports and fitness programs. In fact, they are more than applicable - they are a pre-requisite to peak performance.

"Think of your favorite athlete in your favorite sport and what do you see? Most likely you see smooth, quick, efficient, supple, and effortless movements coupled with extreme and lightning fast displays of power. The movement efficiency of a cat coupled with the explosiveness of a bolt of lighting.
This is the ability that separates the elite from the average. What allows this display of combined elegance and power is a strength quality known as "Reactive" or "Isoplyometric" Ability."

Skiing & Snowboarding-Specific Fitness Training Programs

Did You Know That Most Skiing and Snowboarding Fitness Training Programs are Actually Increasing Your Chances of Injury!

When we first started researching skiing and snowboarding-specific fitness training programs, we realized there was a serious problem out there on the internet, ski and snowboard fitness training programs and in skiing and snowboarding publications with misinformation on ski and snowboard fitness training guidelines.

Most information we did find on the web on fitness programs for skiers and snowboarders was, for the most part, outdated and recommended some of the worst exercises and protocols we could ever imagine!
Not only did some of these sites recommend exercises and machines that may actually INCREASE your chances of injury, but they were also using exercises that don’t even effectively carry over to skiing and snowboarding that well. 
For example, we even saw several sites recommending machine leg curls, leg extensions, and leg presses as “3 of the most important exercises for skiers and snowboarders”. This is insane… Those are actually the 3 WORST exercises any skier and snowboarder could ever do, which not only don’t carry over to skiing and snowboarding, but could even lead you to injury! 

Inside the MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS® - Skiing and Snowboarding-Specific Fitness Training Program, You Will Discover:

• Over 10 strategically chosen MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS® scientifically combined into the most effective skiing and snowboarding-specific exercise sequences and routines
• The "5-Key" Isometrics exercises that all skiers and snowboarders should be doing for powerful legs and injury reduction
• No wall sits (aka wall squats) as we have specific reasons why these are not optimal for ski training despite popular belief
• You don't need any special equipment or machines at all for these workouts
• Builds incredible strength, power, and muscular endurance in the legs, core, and back
• Drastically increases your quickness and agility to be able to move more quickly between moguls, trees, rocks, and other obstacles
• Increases your legs ability to ski all day long while reducing leg and lower back muscular fatigue
• Reduces the deep “leg burn” that forces you to stop and rest several times during each run... Less resting = more skiing!
• Increases your control over the mountain... Less stumbling and missed turns!
• Reduces your post-skiing leg and back soreness 
• Strengthens your joints and reduces your risk of injuries that could sideline you for the season, or worse, hamper you for life... a must if you still want to be enjoying the slopes years from now!
• Discover why certain types of exercises that most people are doing may actually be making you MORE injury prone and damaging your joints!
• The specific key isometrics that help to even out your muscular imbalances that you might not even realize you have.
• Strategically combined routines to choose from for the most effectiveness based on your current abilities, fitness level, and equipment availability

Based on the unique characteristics of this program, and since this is one of the only ski and snowboard-specific workout programs on the market today, our professional skiers clients advised us to price the program with a cost somewhere between $160 - $200, since this represents approximately the same as an average 2 days lift ticket price.

That is about $10 - $50 less than you would pay for a typical lift ticket for two days of skiing. Therefore, this is a small investment in improving your body's physical capabilities in being able to handle skiing harder and longer, and enjoying more powerful, agile, and exciting skiing season!

Not only that, but you're making a wise decision in developing injury resistant and balanced legs and joints, reducing your risk of being sidelined for weeks or months and missing out on most of your ski season due to a stupid injury.

For all leisure skiers and snowboarders (beginners and advanced) conditioning should be an essential part of their overall skiing program. Not only will it allow the individual to perform at a superior level, it's an important preventative measure to protect joints and connective tissue from injury.

Core Strength Training For Skiers and Snowboarders Performance

The tendons, ligaments and muscles of the trunk and torso act to stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle. From this solid, balanced base the limbs can be moved powerfully and under control. In fact before rapid movements of the extremities can take place, the central nervous system stabilizes the spine in anticipation. The rate at which the core tendons, ligaments and muscles stabilize the spine may have a direct effect on the power of limb movement.

Core strength training differs from many traditional training routines by working both the lower back and abdominals in unison. The same is true for the upper and lower body. All athletic movements incorporate the core in some way. Very few muscle groups are isolated. Instead the whole body works as a unit and core strength training endeavors to replicate this.

What are the benefits of core strength training to the skier and snowboarder?

• Greater efficiency of movement
• Improved body control and balance
• Increased power output from the core musculature and peripheral tendons, ligaments and muscles such as the shoulders, arms and legs
• Reduced risk of injury (the core tendons, ligaments and muscles act as shock absorbers for jumps, turns and rebounds etc.)
• Improved balance and stability
• Improved athletic performance!

Core Strength Training For Reducing Back Problems & Injuries

Weak or poorly controlled core tendons, ligaments and muscles have been associated with low back pain. The back tendons, ligaments and muscles are responsible for movements such as extension and flexion of the spine and rotation of the trunk.

Excessive or uneven shock on the spine may lead to back problems. This may be exaggerated because weak core tendons, ligaments and muscles lead to improper positioning or a forward tilt. In many isometrics exercises that use the back tendons, ligaments and muscles, the abdominal tendons, ligaments and muscles contract isometrically stabilizing the body.

The stronger and more correctly balanced the core tendons, ligaments and muscles are, the less the uneven strain on the spine.

"Think of your favorite athlete in your favorite sport and what do you see? Most likely you see smooth, quick, efficient, supple, and effortless movements coupled with extreme and lightning fast displays of power. The movement efficiency of a cat coupled with the explosiveness of a bolt of lighting.
This is the ability that separates the elite from the average. What allows this display of combined elegance, speed and power is a strength quality known as "Reactive" or "ISOPLYOMETRIC" Ability."

In Fact, MAK7 ISOPLYOMETRICS® is the “Ultimate Fitness Program” for Everybody, regardless of Fitness Level.


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For More Information, please Call Central: 604-682-3269 Extension 8008    or  Corey: 778-823-6120
 P.S. If you leave us a message, please include your name and phone number so we may get back to you. Thank you.


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