Ming Kempo Karate was developed in the Ming Dynasty-China (1368-1644), and its origin traces back to the year 520 BC. Ming Kempo Karate is an ancient Martial Art that is educational, simple to learn, direct, very effective, powerful and realistic. In the original Ming Kempo Karate we were taught to be free and spontaneous by using the basics and a limited number of powerful techniques and above all to be creative, from which we could borrow moves, to create our own techniques and become reactive and creative upon demand.

It's a concept that we agree with then and still do today. We have been modernizing Ming Kempo Karate to the needs of our society today, making it mean and lean again and utilizing our unique training drills, fear control, self discipline, and a winning and resolute mindset.

It is our intention to give the student a system (Black Belt) that is achievable in 14 to 16 months and perfected in 1 year, rather than a system that takes a couple of decades to learn and a lifetime to perfect. Above all we want to give the member the ability to control its own fears, create a winning mindset, spontaneity, ability to perform at all levels, expertise, reality, self discipline, confidence & creativity.

"Ten simple and powerful techniques well mastered, with fear control, and a winning and determined mindset will serve a martial-artist better than 100 techniques that are unrealistic, confusing, unworkable, ineffective, fancy and play-acting". That is a quote from our Chief Executive Instructor Roy Maia. One of many we've taken with us through the years.

Think about it, its meaning is quite clear. Don't fantasize and clutter your mind with repetitious, unrealistic, fancy and useless materialthat in a REAL WORLD works against you when you REALY need it the most. 

In times of dwindling confidence, escalating pressures, rapid change and violent crimes worldwide, traditional approaches to Self Defense, Fear Control, Confidence and Positive Mindset builder techniques... Are No Longer Adequate.

To make these powerful physical and mind transitions useful, you have to engage in learning long before you need it—it’s too late when you’re in the middle of a crisis or a dire situation.

Ming Kempo Karate is a self confidence builder a winner and resolve mindset creator. Ming Kempo Karate can make a difference in your life, and the way we face challenges today.








 Since 1972, Ming Kempo Karate Academies has created World Champions, National, State and Provincial Champions, and has been offering award winning instruction in the most realistic, simple, educational, self discipline, inspiring, exciting, fear control, confidence and mindset builder, with the practical and most realistic methods of all Martial Arts skills that was ever developed, known as “Ming Kempo Karate”.

 United by a powerful strategy, ancient wisdom and modern science, it draws upon the strengths of ancient training methods to provide its students with a more realistic, comprehensive and effective education. It has been featured in numerous publications and seen on many television channels including the ABC, NBC, BBC, CNN, CBC, GLOBAL and WB, among many other International Networks.

 Ming Kempo Karate Academies has produced champions in life as well. Ming Kempo Karate focuses on a broad range of skills that includes strikes, kicks, stances, blocks, fitness, grappling, power breaking, mindset, fear control and weapons training. We do this while maintaining the foundation and the tradition of Ming Kempo Karate. Ming Kempo Karate has a very long and rich history. Ming Kempo Karate training methods require self discipline, focus and practice to master them. We at Ming Kempo Karate Academies make this Fantastic Journey Simple, Educational, Pleasant, Friendly, Fun and Enjoyable.

 Benefits of Ming Kempo Karate

 Everything we do in our lives reflects its consequences in the form of decisions and actions that we take. Ming Kempo Karate has played a big role in many people’s lives. Some people are of the opinion that they have struggled with obstacles all through their lives. Others are of the opposite views and think positive about life. These are usually those who have come across activities like Ming Kempo Karate. Learning this amazing art helps the people to lead life in the right direction. People of all ages and sexes are benefited by Ming Kempo Karate training and skills. Children, teenagers, women, men, and parents get fantastic benefits of learning this Powerful and Simple Art.

 Ming Kempo Karate Offers Both Physical and Mental Benefits

Physical Benefits includes:



  • Improved reflexes, speed and coordination
  • Increased performance in all physical activities and sports
  • Increased strength, endurance, stamina and energy so you feel great all day
  • Increased flexibility, weight control and body management for better overall fitness
  • Specialized Cardiovascular workouts to keep you in top shape and healthy
  • Toning and strengthening the core, muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Enhanced conditioning, agility and grace
  • Greatly improved balance
  • Ability to realistically defend yourself 

 Mental Benefits include:


  • Improved concentration, focus and positive mindset for better work and study habits
  • Stress and tension reduction, and the ability to control stress and relax
  • Confidence in knowing you can realistically defend yourself and your family
  • Self Discipline, a “Must be Done” attitude
  • A positive attitude toward life, knowing and believing in yourself, your abilities  and strengths
  • Improved Self-Esteem and your outlook on life. Enhanced Self Confidence & Wellbeing
  • Creative & Strategic thinking without Fear
  • Fear Control, Peace of Mind & Mental Stability
  • Motivation and an 'I Can Do It' attitude


In Ming Kempo Karate there are 5 Color Grading Belts: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Brown.  In the Black Belts category there are 6 Levels (dan's).  As it was then, as it is now. We don't have or believe in high numbers of Black Belt Levels to impress or represent expertise and quality. In Ming Kempo Karate, we believe in true expertise, performance, Confidence, winning attitude, strong mindset, effectiveness, spontaneous reaction, professionalism and creativity.
In Ming Kempo Karate we believe that the personal benefits of Martial Arts training and education counts in real life situations and not in tournaments or illusive demonstrations.
All Color Grading Belts, Black Belt Levels and Diplomas are Authorized and Certified by the International Ming Kempo Karate Federation.



In Ming Kempo Karate You Will Benefit From Zener, Fitness & Reality-Based Personal Protection


What is ZENER? ZENER is a Mind-Body technique that induces a mental and physical calm. When we combine Zener with Special Forces Plyometrics Fitness, Real Personal Protection and Self-Confidence, it takes a higher form of energy; it teaches people how to take control over their lives and experiences. This powerful combination will decrease stress, fear, anxiety, and depression, improves learning ability and memory, and helps eliminate unwanted body fat, controls weight, lowers the heart rate, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. ZENER is a way of learning to living in the present moment, rather than in the past. This Mind-Body Harmony, Physical Activity, Personal Protection and Self-Confidence powerful combination is an approach to living that medical scientists have only recently begun to recognize as a powerful tool for dealing with physical and psychological conditions. Scientific research has shown Zener, Martial Arts, Fitness, Self-Protection and Self-Confidence combination can reduce stress levels, anxiety,  depression, fear and chronic pain, and can help to develop a sense of Clarity and Self-Esteem, and, most important, A NEW TAKE ON LIFE.



Ming Kempo Karate is the best self confidence, winner and resolve mindset builder for men, women and kids.






Ming Kempo Karate offers endless benefits to their learners. Discipline itself brings many new benefits and strengthens the old ones. Ming Kempo Karate teaches many new mental skills that should be practiced to achieve success & happiness in life. So, take some time out to learn this Wonderful and Amazing Art.









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FEAR is the Catalytic of Non-Performance, and Must Be Controlled...

  • Fear is a necessary part of the systems nature has installed in us. If we were to wipe out fear from a person’s environment, we would be doing an injustice, for the trigger of Fear is often necessary to remove you from harm’s way, should danger arise. However, Illusory Fear, Illogical Fear, Fear in which the fight-or-flight response is not required can only hamper one’s growth.
  •   Fears are an involuntary behaviour. A person, who is fearful of flying, knows, on an intellectual level, that flying is safer than taking a bath, and much safer than driving, but Fear has nothing to do with Fact. Some event in the past had set the negative execration (curse) whenever that event is forthcoming.
  • The Fear sits waiting along the nerve pathways of the brain. When a like event comes along, the pathways fire off and one of the Three Faces of Fear comes about—Anxiety, Embarrassment, or Panic.
To eliminate a specific Fear, it simply requires another force to travel along the common nerve pathway that had been established by the Fear. We have a simple method of accomplishing this. As Fear is a state of the imagination, you must use the “APR” System to Control It.



Ming Kempo Karate - "Club For Kids"






Give them the Knowledge and the Self-Confidence they Deserve


Kids with Self Confidence, Winning Attitude & Street Savvy

 For Boys and Girls between the ages 8 and 15 years old

The Knowledge, Discipline and Self-Confidence that Kids acquire in our Classes helps them grow into well-rounded adults and empowers’ them to more effectively handle problems, including bullying, intimidation and humiliation. We acclimate kids to an active, healthy lifestyle, and build the character, self-esteem, mindset and interpersonal skills necessary for peaceful conflict resolution while stressing the importance of safety, respect, confidence, responsibility, education, self development and self management.

Kids will acquire character and develop powerful coping strategies for dealing with and resolving confrontations with peers, and have powerful skills to deal with and resolve physical and mental abuse.

Ming Kempo Karate “Club For Kids” is a bridge to build opportunities for Kids. In addition to being a great way to keep kids active, learning to socialize and interact with others, acquiring knowledge, creating forward-thinking and looking positively into their future, it also offers so many important life lessons. These learned skills and knowledge, introductions, observations, socialization, performances and skills will define the mission and goals in their future.

Everyone wants the best for their children; a good education, opportunities for success, love and friendship. An important aspect, often overlooked, to ensure these things, is the development of knowledge, self confidence, ability to analyze, competence to interact & proper social and ethical skills. Knowledge, confidence, ability to interact, social and ethical skills are not only important in adult life, they are the building blocks for children to develop good relationships with other children, adults, authority figures (such as teachers and coaches) and even for proper interaction among family members. Taking the time to encourage learning and acquiring knowledge, self-confidence, improving social and ethical skills is a great way to help them prepare for the future.

We all know bullying, intimidation and humiliation can have a devastating affect on a child’s life. Confidence and self-esteem are the core of a child’s success and motivation in school, sports, relationships, and everything they will do in life. Many times, bullies rob and destroy children of their confidence and self-esteem which will have a powerful and negative impact in the present, and on the rest of their life.

For many people, these emotional scars run very deep and powerful, and they may never truly be able to forget those times of torment and anguish in their lifetime.
General Benefits Of Ming Kempo Karate

Everything we do in our lives reflects its consequences in the form of decisions and actions that we take. Ming Kempo Karate has played a big role in many people’s lives. Some people are of the opinion that they have struggled with obstacles all through their lives. Others are of the opposite views and think positive about life. These are usually those who have come across activities like Karate. Learning this art helps the people to lead life in the right direction. Although people of all ages are benefited by karate training, but children and women get the most advantages of learning this art

1. Improves focus and discipline in children
The execution of Ming Kempo Karate requires mental focus and concentration towards the various activities. These moves trickle down into the everyday life of a child and in the long run improve his listening abilities, study habits, school performance, and ability to obey and follow directions

2. Improves decision making
Young kids have impulsive nature and so they make decisions that are solely based on their emotions. With the learning of the disciplined and controlled teachings of karate kids learn to make appropriate and correct choices all through their lives

3. Helps to achieve goals.
Kids who have better focus and concentration set their goals for life and work hard to fulfill their dreams and achieve their targets in life.

4. Helps mentally challenged children.
The practice of karate helps to improve concentration in kids suffering from attention disorders.

5. Ming Kempo Karate teaches self-protection
Though parents never wish their child to fall in such situations, but there might be a time when their child has to defend and protect himself from physical assaults and harm by someone. It is therefore important to train the child for such situations in advance so that they are able to protect themselves in such circumstances and escape safely.

6. Helps to reduce weight.
Ming Kempo Karate helps to reduce excessive weight and far from the body. The exercises and movements in karate make use of every part of the body. The numerous twists and turns make every inch of the body work and burn the stored calories. It also enhances your heart rate which results in quick burning of unwanted fat.

7. Helps to relieve stress
In the world of today, women have placed themselves equivalent to men in their professional lives. Along with that they are also shouldering the maximum responsibility of managing their homes and kids. Thus their lives are quite stressful and tiring. Ming Kempo Karate is a good means to get rid of the day’s stress in a few minutes time.

Ming Kempo Karate offers endless benefits to their learners. Discipline itself brings many new benefits and strengthens the old ones. Ming Kempo Karate teaches many new mental skills that should be practiced to achieve success and happiness in life. So take some time out to learn this wonderful and amazing art.


We at Ming Kempo Karate Academies make this Fantastic Journey Simple, Educational, Pleasant, Friendly, Fun and Enjoyable.





CLASSES FOR ALL AGES:  MEN, WOMEN,  TEENAGERS and KIDS. We Also Offer Classes for Over 45 & Over 65 Students




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