FEAR is the Catalytic of Non-Performance, and Must Be Controlled...

  • Fear is a necessary part of the systems nature has installed in us. If we were to wipe out fear from a person’s environment, we would be doing an injustice, for the trigger of Fear is often necessary to remove you from harm’s way, should danger arise. However, Illusory Fear, Illogical Fear, Fear in which the fight-or-flight response is not required can only hamper one’s growth.
  •   Fears are an involuntary behaviour. A person, who is fearful of flying, knows, on an intellectual level, that flying is safer than taking a bath, and much safer than driving, but Fear has nothing to do with Fact. Some event in the past had set the negative execration (curse) whenever that event is forthcoming.
  • The Fear sits waiting along the nerve pathways of the brain. When a like event comes along, the pathways fire off and one of the Three Faces of Fear comes about—Anxiety, Embarrassment, or Panic.
To eliminate a specific Fear, it simply requires another force to travel along the common nerve pathway that had been established by the Fear. We have a simple method of accomplishing this. As Fear is a state of the imagination, you must use the “APR” System to Control It.

MAK7 Military and Law Enforcement Combat Survival Training System™


"Born in Battle...Christened in Combat..."


As if you haven’t guessed; this ain’t no pyjama party. The MAK7 Military and Law Enforcement Combat Survival Training System™ is designed with one purpose: Survival. It has a combat pedigree like no martial art, self defense or survival program in the world. In fact, it’s the only system specifically developed for modern close combat. It wasn’t thrown together by one man or even one country. This system is the culmination of scientific research and intensive field trials conducted by several governments and citizens since 1910. Unlike martial arts, self defense or survival programs, The MAK7 Military and Law Enforcement Combat Survival Training System has one application: no rules, close quarter combat anything less is a chance you don’t want to take. The MAK7 Military and Law Enforcement Combat Survival Training System is everything there is to know about man-on-man violence.


*  In a REAL WORLD there is always a possibility that Law Enforcement Officers may find themselves in a serious physical confrontation or a deadly incidence. In such a situation, it’s never a matter of whose right, or wrong, or why...only who wins, who survives and the victims...the WORLD *is* a Very Dangerous & Merciless Place...

- Weapons, Physical Attacks, Combat & Disasters COST LIVES
- Knowledge, Survival Mindset, Determination & Skills SAVES LIVES

 Programs of Instruction

Level I (5 Days)

  • Combatives (Personal Weapons)
  • Real World Combat Self-Defense
  • Real World Handgun Retention (In the Holster, Out of the Holster, Standing and On the Ground)
  • Real World Defensive Tactics Against Threats With A Handgun (to include hostage situations)
  • Lectures

Level II (4 Days)

  • Advanced Combatives & Combat Self-Defense
  • Real World Defensive Tactics Against Threats With A Shotgun/Rifle/SMG
  • Real World Weapon Retention – Impact Weapon and Shotgun/Rifle/SMG
  • Lectures

Level III (4 Days)

  • Advanced Combatives & Combat Self-Defense
  • Real World Defensive Tactics Against Edged Weapon Threats (to include hostage situations)
  • Real World Defensive Tactics Against Edged Weapon Attacks
  • Lectures

Level IV (4 Days)

  • Advanced Combatives & Combat Self-Defense
  • Real World Defensive Tactics Against Attacks With A Blunt Weapon
  • Arrest & Control/Officer Safety Tactics
  • Searching and Handcuffing
  • Lectures

Level V (4 Days)

  • Advanced Combatives & Self-Defense
  • Real World Weapon Retention
  • Ground Fighting (Law Enforcement Applications)
  • Lectures

Police Ground Survival.  Our "Real-World Police Ground Survival" teaches how to fight like a cop, not a tournament player.  Because more than 8 out of 10 police force events end up on the ground, you and your fellow officers need a real world response to the down and dirty street fights on the ground.  Our Police Ground Survival has no jujitsu, mixed martial arts or wrestling moves for winning in tournaments...because there is no referee on the street, and you and your fellow officers can't learn them in the time allowed anyway.  Bottom line: we teach cops to fight like cops.  Hold a suspect on the ground, defend against a more highly skilled fighter, and safely take a resistant suspect into custody.  No games. No tournaments, No Hugs, No medals.

Fighting, Controlling and Arresting is hard enough without having to remember how to fight

Most defensive tactics are based upon a male martial artist’s attributes - strong upper body, high level of skill, and a male orientation to fighting and training.  They are designed for the benefit of the bigger, heavier, stronger male officer.  And that may work well for the bigger stronger, highly skilled males... until they meet a bigger, stronger, more aggressive and skilled suspect.  The fact is, even male officers don’t benefit greatly from the way Defensive Tactics is commonly trained in North America. This defensive and survival tactics program brings to the professional female peace officer the first real training designed to make the female officer successful in any street situation.  This system of combatives maximizes their innate attributes so that they can be as safe and effective as they can possibly be.


Weapon Retention is not, and should not be about the type of holster you carry--although that's important.  It is not about keeping people away from you at all times--because you will always have to be in proximity to people to talk to them, search them, and arrest offenders by handcuffing them.   It is not about martial arts and self defense solutions that almost never work on the street in a real-life fight for your weapon.  It is not about maintaining "constant awareness," because no police officer can maintain perfect awareness with zero distractions.  And above all, it does not look like your weapon retention training at the academy.


What is known about weapon retention:

·                 If an offender takes your weapon from you, he will attempt to murder you with it 80% of the time.

·                 If an offender makes a second attempt to take your weapon, you will be murdered 80% of the time.

·                 Between 8 and 15% of all officers murdered every year die after being shot to death with their own weapon.


       Corrections Officers have a real disadvantage over their patrol counterparts…while the patrol officer has access to many police tools and weapons, including the use of a firearm, corrections officers are limited in the tools available to them--often only the use of empty-hand control methods and OC spray.  Additionally, they work in a high-stress environment where every person they contact is a either an adjudicated criminal or a person arrested on probable cause.  Another corrections reality: it is not uncommon for corrections personnel to have one or more physical confrontations requiring a force response per shift, far in excess of their patrol counterparts.

The MAK7 Skills Combat Survival Training System: Too Brutal For Civil and Military Police, and Prison Guards Curriculum!!
Enter the lawyers)

The 1970’s saw a dramatic change in law enforcement and military use of force policy. On the home front, liberal politics and charges of police brutality had police departments facing another enemy, lawsuits. Department training and policies came under fire and the once effective, life saving tactics became the target of police brutality claims. Driven by elected politicians, these tactics were replaced with new “gentler methods” under the guise of community policing. These new methods were based on martial arts myth and folklore fuelled by Hollywood’s exaggerated portrayal of the effectiveness of martial arts and combat shooting. Unfortunately, these new tactics fail horribly in the field. [It seems cheaper to pay a cop’s medical bills and death benefits than it was to pay the multi million dollar legal bills and lawsuits]. This bureaucratic mindset still plagues law enforcement and corrections even to this day. But the good cops know they have to go outside the box to The MAK7 Combat Survival Training System if they want to get home safe at the end of their shift!

The Modern “Video Game” Military has no use (or time)
for Real Hand to Hand Combat Training

Over the last few decades, the military saw less need for these lethal close combat skills. Advancements in technology, precision air strikes, superior small weapons and night vision all but eliminated the need for serious hand to hand training. Modern fighting forces hand to hand combat training has been replaced with confidence and team building combat sport oriented exercises. More training is spent on physical conditioning, marksmanship, equipment operation and looking at a computer screen than anything else. For the modern military, hand to hand confrontations are a remote possibility at best and soldiers found in these situations are forced to rely on sheer will to survive. The cost and time involved are too high for the expendable fighting soldier. Only Special Forces with the specific need STILL receive these lethal close combat skills and tactical training (and now you can too with MAK7 Combat Survival Training System!).

Modern Warfare and Law Enforcement policy may have changed, but the reality of combat survival will always stay the same: it’s still boots, fists, knives, clubs and guns. Hand to hand, eye to eye, tooth and nail...blood...pain...fear: do whatever it takes to survive and win. This is and always be the spirit of The MAK7 Combat Survival Training System!




MAK7 - Law Enforcement & Security Personnel - WEAPONS DEFENSE

These specialized series of Workshops are conducted for individuals that have attained an invitation or received a referral for advanced MAK7® combat course work. These Workshop series is designed for those individuals interested in (or are currently serving in) the military, the criminal justice field, corrections or law enforcement. These weapons workshop series covers defensive tactics against firearms, blunt, improvised, and edged weapons. This special series is run in 2 hours Workshops blocks throughout the year. Each Workshop in the series focuses on one weapon type and defenses against them. Contact the Eagle Group International to see if you qualify for participation in this series. 

Consider a REAL LIFE FACT RESULTING FROM PHYSICAL CONFRONTATIONS: POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD): A common anxiety disorder that develops after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. Family members of victims also can develop the disorder. PTSD can occur in people of any age, including children and adolescents. More than twice as many untrained as trained individuals experience PTSD following exposure to trauma or threat. The risk of PTSD is much higher than previously estimated. Recent research has shown that combat, rape, and assaultive violence with or without weapons is a far more important cause of PTSD in communities, accounting for nearly two third of PTSD cases. 


Before you can begin to train the skills and drills critical in employing a handgun for defensive or combat purposes, the individual must understand the physiological and emotional aspects of a lethal force threat.
Shooting at paper targets will not prepare you for the pure adrenalin rush that you will feel if and when you are confronted with a life and death situation. Crisis focus under cannabilistic stress is a near impossibility for most without mindset, nerves and fear control, and repetitive realistic training under high stress. 
Drawing your weapon, focusing on the front sight of your weapon with good isometric tension, a stable platform and a smooth trigger press can be a daunting task when an armed attacker or group of armed attackers suddenly confronts you. 
The Sympathetic Nervous System in response to your bodies innate alarm system, pours out Epinephrine, Adrenalin and Nor-Adrenalin which activates a great number of changes both psychologically and physiologically in the body that prepares you for ”fight or ”. During these first few seconds you will likely not react to the threat as the body and mind go thru a sort of temporary freeze while you process what is happening.
Changes that occur during this process include vasoconstriction (the body forces large volumes of blood to the center of the body moving it away from the limbs in an innate effort to protect those body parts), audio exclusion, tunnel vision, fine motor control loss, increased breathing, increase blood pressure, and other rapid modifications. All of which severely hamper your ability to react or the way in which you react.
The Eagle Group International has long ago deviated from the traditional or classical shooting platforms and most of the close quarter combat programs that are out there. At Eagle Group International, we have basically one school of thought when it comes to engagements with firearms and edged weapons – do whatever it takes to survive! Train the way you fight and fight the way you train and in this manner you are better prepared to handle the unstoppable psychological and physiological changes that occur during combat or confrontation.

These Seminars are in a distinct class by itself and cannot be compared to others




Special Program Designed for "Security Personnel" Only...


Security Guards, VIP Bodyguards, Bouncers, Private Detectives, In-House Security, Private Police, Transport Personnel, Security Consultants, Detention Centres Personnel, Alarm Response, etc. 
  • Combat Defense & Confrontation Skills                                        
  • Fear and its Affects
  • Armed and Unarmed Combat
  • Intuition and Awareness
  • Mental Training Methods
  • Arrest Control & Methods
  • Physical Training Methods
  • Disaster & Life Survival Skills
  • Mindset  & Self-Set Skills
  • Fear Control & Special Forces Isometrics
  • Analyses, Investigation & Interpretation,
  • and much more...

We Reserve the Right to Exclude any Individual from this Program without stating a reason

For Program Information, please call us: Central +1-604-553-1074

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