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   Disasters often bring out the best in people. Unfortunately they also bring out the worst. After any disaster, whether local or widespread, there will be individual’s intent upon creating mischief. Lawlessness and disorder frequently become the rule of the day. While some individuals are lending their neighbours a helping hand, others will be helping themselves. There will be looting, stealing and an increase in acts of violence. Gang violence will become more common, even among individuals who formerly took no part in gangs. The police and emergency response teams will be overwhelmed, so the responsibility will fall on the individual to provide protection, safety and care for self and family.

   Even a well-armed and prepared individual will be unable to hold out long if there is a violent gang intent upon taking his or her possessions. Your chances for survival will increase substantially if you are able to ban together with your neighbours for your mutual defense and safety. In our cities these days it is unfortunate that neighbours can sometimes live side-by-side for years without getting to know each other. As you will see and learn in our courses in the chapter dealing with the “Social Aspects of Survival”, I recommend that you get to know your neighbours and befriend as many as you can. Don't wait until a disaster occurs. Do it now! Some day your life may depend on it.


  The right of the people to keep and bear arms?  Well, there is a wide range of opinions these days regarding personal possession of firearms. Regardless of your opinion, if there is individual’s intent upon doing you harm, and the police are unable to help you, your chances of survival will improve to a large extent if you are organized, physically skilled, mentally trained and appropriately armed (Not Necessarily With a Firearm).

  This is obviously not an area where overkill is desirable. You would not want to kill or severely injure someone unless it was absolutely necessary. So I believe that your first line of defense should be other methods. 

  Probably every person who has a firearm has at least one other weapon other than their firearm; I would be willing to bet it is a hunting or a combat knife. I would bet that they have never practiced defense and/or combat with their knives or practiced defense and/or combat with their firearm extensively. I would also bet that 90% (at least) of firearm owners have absolutely no clue how important combat mindset, observation and fear control is in real life situations. I will go over what I believe to be some rather important facts as to why you should also train with your knife that you have as much as you train with your firearm. Consider This.  It is a fact that any normal person of average health can travel about 7 yards (21 feet) in 2 seconds with a contact weapon such as a knife. It takes a person who trains with his pistol/revolver about 1.5 seconds to take the gun from the holster aim and get off a shot or two on average. So, unless you're skilled and very aware of your surroundings and capable of identifying the person's attack cues, you are getting stabbed. And even if you did get a shot off you're probably still getting stabbed. I'm not telling anyone to bring a knife to a gun fight, I'm just saying I do not underestimate what a person is capable of with a knife. Especially when they have been well trained with it.

  Have a Plan 

  It is important to have a realistic emergency plan of action and to familiarize every family member with it. Review, analyze and rehearse it once or twice a  year (a must). This will insure that important steps will get done as quickly and efficiently as possible after a disaster strikes. It will also instil a sense of confidence in all family members, so instead of the feelings of helplessness, panic and chaos that unprepared individuals will face, your family will remain confident, calm and organized. The actions taken during the first few minutes and hours after a disaster will often turn out to be critical, perhaps even saving a life. 

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