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Instructional Methods and Techniques


Our courses, workshops, programs and seminars are highly participative in the true sense. You'll have an opportunity to explore issues and practice skills during individual and group exercises. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions about projects.


We'll use video/audio, checklists, questionnaires, guides, worksheets and samples to provide you with tangible guidance in developing your new learned knowledge and skills. Numerous tips and techniques are contained in the curriculum subject matter and reinforced during exercises.


Our Approach

  • Our focus is on realistic, practical material you can use in the real world. We concentrate our efforts on the How-To's in the field.
  • Because our courses, workshops, programs and seminars are all performance-based, we provide you with Step-by-Step procedures to follow (rather than theories, principles and concepts).
  • We guarantee that the new skills and techniques you gain will have practical value that far outweighs the investment.
  • We model what we teach at all times. We will use dozens of innovative techniques you can apply in your new learned skills.
  • We will survey your interests and abilities before the course, workshop or program begins and do our very best to address each and every one.
  • We provide the intensive focus of single-subject in the courses, workshops and programs rather than brief conference-style sessions.
  • Studies have shown that if new learned material is not used within 30 days, over 90% of that material is forgotten. To help you retain the new skills, we provide comprehensive Refresher & Reinforcement Workshops you can attend long after the original course, workshop or program. Videos from each of our Refresher & Reinforcement Workshops are available for purchase should you not be able to attend.
  • There will be regular exercises for you to do, usually working as part of an Action Team. We believe that the most beneficial parts of our courses, workshops and programs are your opportunities to perform the new learned skills and receive feedback.
  • We follow a quick pace in our courses, workshops and programs. Expect a High-Content, High-Involvement, High-Energy Program.
  • Our courses, workshops and programs require effort on your part, but we also make sure that they are lively, entertaining, and fun. Learning Without Pain Works!
  • We make certain that we do not over-complicate the material. You will leave with the feeling "This isn't so hard. I can do it." We won't overwhelm you or try to impress you with our skill: we want you to be impressed with your own skill by the time you leave.
  • The focus and efficiency you gain will reduce your extra workload.
  • In all instructional divisions of GSIS are all we do ó not just a sideline. We specialize 100% in Intelligence, Personal and Professional Protection,  Survival, and Personal Development Skills.
  • Our materials are drawn from years of experience in the field. We base our courses, workshops, programs and seminars on a realistic approach to the real world environment.
  • We continuously improve and update our courses, workshops, programs and seminars based on global events and international experts suggestions and feedback. Our goal is to make our courses, workshops, programs and seminars effective and realistic, and as "user-friendly" as possible.
  • We constantly research the field to include workable, practical developments in our courses, workshops, programs and seminars. For example, we incorporate principles of Accelerated Learning, Creative Training and Practicing Techniques and Conforming Teaching Styles in our systems.
  • Since we have several relatively long instructional systems we use both Accelerated Learning Techniques and Self-Set Aid Designs, you will learn more in less time in our system than in many courses that are longer (if there is one). This may sound like a marketing exaggeration, but reality, is fact, after all.
  • Attendance in our courses, workshops, programs and seminars is limited to allow maximum participation and feedback.

Programs Information and Literature Disclaimer

Information, literature, DVDís or any other publication regarding these programs is not commercially available. We do not support or endorse individuals, clubs, organizations or encourage sites and/or books and DVDís purporting to teach our system. Participants will be given authentic information and advice on application and during the induction periods.

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