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007 Skills Instructor Development Training System

Become Part of an International Accredited Name Brand!

Elevate your Brand and your Credibility Worldwide with the use of one of our highly recognized names and logos. The names Global Secret Intelligence Services, Inc., Eagle Anti-Terrorism & International Security, Inc., Eagle Group International, Inc., Aurora Oil and Mines Security International, Inc. and 007 Skills Academies, Inc. are well recognized Worldwide Names that also has a direct lineage to the creator of these international organizations and training systems, Roy Maia. Our names and logos are known throughout the world through international and national news, numerous films, TV and print publications and have been synonymous with our President and CEO Roy Maia and the Eagle Group International, Inc. since 1975.

 Find out for yourself why People, Government Agencies, Specialized Military Units, International Law Enforcement Agencies and Multi-National Corporations choose our Training Systems, our Programs and our Instructors for Secret Intelligence, High Risk Bodyguards, High Level Security, Combat Self Defense, Extreme Fitness, Fear Control and Karate Instruction, Training, Workshops and Seminars, over every other alternative.

 Eagle Group International and 007 Skills Academies, Inc. are the most respected names in Intelligence, High Level Security and Life Survival Skills Business Worldwide.

Besides providing instruction to virtually every level of Law Enforcement, Military and Multi Corporates, the Eagle Group International and 007 Skills Academies, Inc. is also United States of America Department of Defense Contractor. That means we have been evaluated and approved to instruct US Military Forces and Government Agencies Worldwide. Plainly put, you don’t get that if you’re full of crap. At the end of the day, the fact still remains when it comes to combat self defense and specialized skills, there’s no program in the World more lethal, more simple, more effective than the 007 Skills Combat and Life Survival Skills Training System. Eagle Group International and 007 Skills Academies training programs are the most recognized and accepted certification of any private, military or government organization.

 Turn your passion into profits with the most effective, cutting-edge defensive techniques tactics and specialized skills training.


Be involved with the hottest Personal Protection System now sweeping the continent and become a Certified and Licensed Eagle Group International Worldwide Training Instructor!

Whether you're looking to become a Certified and Licensed Instructor or add the 007 Skills Worldwide Personal Protection Programs (the largest adult personal protection program in the world), or add our dynamic 007 Skills Special Forces Fitness Program, or add our one of kind children's ‘Super Defense Kids’ (Anti-Bullying) program to your martial arts studio or health club, or develop your own 007 Skills Academies training facility, we can certify and license your business as a 007 Skills Academy Worldwide Official Training Center. We'll take great care to train your instructional staff how to properly and effectively teach highly specialized programs to your members, using the same approach and high standards we have utilized to create instructors for NATO Military Units, Government Agencies and International Law Enforcement.


GSIS Specialized Instruction and Consulting

Policy Change

January 6, 2011

GSIS will no longer be sending instructors overseas, except for Mobile Training Teams (MTT) and Highly Specialized Instructors.

In an ongoing effort to facilitate the availability of instruction, courses, upgrades, reviews, seminars and services in several countries, and to minimize client costs, GSIS made some changes to our International instructional and consulting services. Effective January 6, 2010, GSIS will be Training and Licensing a Limited Number of Local Instructors and Consultants, and Licensing a Limited Number of GSIS Authorized Academies in selected States or Provinces of United States of America, Canada, European Union Community, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Norway, Singapore and others…to be reviewed.

In the past, most of our instructional and consulting services staffs were involved in an unbelievable amount of traveling time, time zone differences, and foreign languages instruction difficulties, etc. Values were set and changes were made. GSIS decided that all Instructors, Consultants, and Licensed Academy owners should be local, natives and permanent residents of the country, except during special migration or changes where the value of specialized training or consulting is in order. GSIS strongly believes that this change will facilitate the availability of Instruction, courses, upgrades, reviews, tutoring, ongoing training and will minimize programs time cycles and client costs.

Hopefully, these FAQ below will help answer any questions:

Q: Why is GSIS making this change?
A: This change is being done in order to help facilitate quicker access to courses, programs, upgrades, reviews, tutoring and consulting services. Clients in several countries previously had to wait up to 8-14 months to commence their courses, programs or upgrades. With the change, this time will be shortened by several months and client costs minimized.

Q: Who can apply to GSIS Special Instructor’s and/or Consultant’s Training Programs?

A: Anyone above the age of 19. These programs are available to the public for as long as the country’s GSIS Licensed Academies needs instructors and/or consultants.

Q: Do I need to have prior experience or any special training before applying for a GSIS Instructors Training Program?

A: No. All accepted applicants will be trained our way and educated to teach within our system


Q: What are the prerequisites for Instructors and Consultants Training Program Applicant?

A: Must be self-confident, good communicator, visualizer and creative. Enjoy working with teams and have a passion for unlocking the potential of every individual. Want to keep at the leading-edge of human learning and development.


Q: Can I be a GSIS Academy owner and an instructor as well?

A: Absolutely, if you qualify. However, all Academy owners must have previous business experience.

For more information, please call us: Central +1-604-682-3269 Extension 8008 or call Corey 778-823-6120   


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