Roy Maia, President and CEO                                                                                                  



  •   Advisor to several Africa Nations as a member of a Special Clearance Hit Team. (47 combat missions)  
  •   Advisor to the Rhodesian Government regarding border forces security operations. (22 combat missions).                  
  •   Advisor to the South African Government regarding anti-guerrilla infiltration on border zones, advisor to 38 combat missions into Uganda and Tanzania in search and destroy missions on guerrilla camps operating out of those countries with communist training and advisors.
  •   Advisor to the Government of Brazil regarding undesirables, and criminals operating within that country.
  •  Advisor to US Rangers, advised on guerrilla intelligence, infiltration and search and destroy missions for the 1st and 4th group of Green Berets operating in Vietnam, (63 combat missions)
  •   Advisor to several anti-terrorism combat units operations in South America.



Military & Civil Security Forces: Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, EI Salvador, Colombia, New Zealand, Spain, India, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Turkey and Venezuela.



Roy for several years (during the Cold War) worked as an International Counter Intelligence Operative. His area of expertise was, “Project Direction”: Infiltrate, collect, analyze and decipher information, diffuse, destabilize, in addition, neutralize its activities. His dossier of successes in this field is almost unparalleled.

Roy counter-intelligence and anti-terrorism special assignments and operations were implemented with associated countries like; United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and British counterparts.



All Counter Intelligence Operations are Secret. However, some of the operations were leaked and reported by the media that identified Roy was part of the planning these high profile recovery and suppression projects.

Ø             Ilich Ramirez Sanchez… Carlos-The Jackal

Ø             Pablo Escobar - Medellin (Colombia)

Ø             International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) & Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) operating in - India, Canada, USA & Europe

Ø             Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) - Peru.



Roy is one of the world's leading International Consultant and Adviser. He is an International Intelligence coordinator who specializes in advising corporations, governments, executives, dignitaries and their families in the field of counter-terrorism, kidnappings, rescue operations and negotiations.

His national and international clients list includes multinational corporations, national companies, institutions, politicians, dignitaries, governments, international security agencies and others.

Roy was for several years the Security and Intelligence Adviser for the Embassies and Consulates of New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, India and Brazil, located in U.S.A. and Canada.


The "SURVIVING HOSTAGE"  Training Programs


The International renowned “The Surviving Hostage” Training Teams Program was designed and the operatives trained by Roy. The “Surviving Hostage” Programs was designed to train and educate heads of corporations, executives, politicians and diplomats on how to survive hostage situations, survive interrogation and mental debilitation, and develop survival mindset and on what to expect from and prepare for the Entry Units during a Rescue Operation.

The “Surviving Hostage”  Programs was carried out and exhibited in TWA, Pan Am and British Airways Aircraft, and the Marriot, Hilton and Four Seasons Hotels, and Greyhound and Pacific Stage Buses.

The Surviving Hostage” Program operated in Canada; British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, In USA : Washington State, California, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Main, Rhode Island, New York, Michigan, District of Columbia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Illinois, Connecticut and Georgia. England: London and Germany: Frankfurt.

The “The Surviving Hostage” was presented by Eagle Anti-Terrorism and International Security, Inc.  




Roy is a 6th Degree Black Belt in the Very Powerful Art of Ming Kempo Karate.

Roy won several Full Contact Tournaments in Asia and especially in the Island of Macao where “No Holds Barred” Fighting was famous, i.e. Blood Sport.



  • Grab of an arrow fired straight on, at 40 feet (18M) distance from a 65Lbs (30Kg) Bow
  • Breaking of a Solid Concrete Block 8”x8”x18” with a Knife-Hand Strike
  • Chair Suspension Concrete Breaking – 11 Breaks, 4”x12”x24”, a total weight of 935lbs and a breaking impact in excess of 3,272lbs (1,500Kg)


  • Trained Intelligence Field Agents/Operatives
  • Trained High-Level and High-Risk Protection Personnel
  • Trained Royal Canadian Mounted Police Units of the “Special Projects” Division
  • Trained the Canadian Federal Prison Guards and British Columbia Provincial Prison Guards for several years
  • Trained Medical Personnel of the; Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul Hospital and Royal Columbia Hospital, in Fear Control and Self-Protection Skills.
  • Trained unruly and uncontrollable Children in Self-Discipline, Self-Respect and Personal Achievements Structure. Programs sponsored by the British Columbia Human Resources and the British Columbia Government.
  • Trained and Evaluated "Sky Marshals" for several International Airlines. Roy also Designed  the Airways Safety Response Management, known as "Project K Pak"
  • Trained and Evaluated "Security Response" Personnel for several International Cruise-Ship Companies 


International Diplomatic Problem-Solving - Consulting and Advising


Roy is an International Consultant and Adviser who specializes in Government Intelligence Agencies and Diplomatic Problem Solving Needs. His expertise in this field includes; Intelligence, Situation Overview/Analyzes, Alternative Options and Solutions, Extraordinary Matters Consulting, Project Process and Design, and Unconventional Negotiations.

His clients list also includes; multinational corporations, magnets of industries, executives, politicians, dignitaries, entertainers, film personalities and others.


Roy is also a consultant and adviser to these World famous International High-Level/High Risk Security Corporations; Extreme-Risk Bodyguards & Intelligence Academy Inc, Aurora Management Corporation, Global Crises Management Corporation, Scorpion Risk Management Inc, and others.  Roy is a member of several Think-Tank organizations in the war against terrorism.





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